Water Erosion

My partner Sophie and I we assigned this assignment about water erosion.We have made models of two identical valleys. The first shows a relatively new river, that is flowing through a green valley. The river is very small and shallow. In the second model it shows the same river but a long time later. The river has eroded the banks so the river a quite a bit wider, and the water has also made the river deeper. In our presentations we had to show a before and after on how it changed. The model on the right shows the erosion before it happened. And the model on the left shows it after an erosion.  In the model on the left it shows it forming a delta. Also after that erosion there was a beach formed. There is a horse shoe shaped lake in the left model and that is called an oxbow lake. An oxbow lake is a meander cut off from a river by deposition of sediment

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