The Stoning of Stephen

These past few weeks we have been working on a project. The project is the Stoning of Stephen. I did a comic life about Stephen. There was seven men who were against Stephen. They dragged Stephen and began to throw stones at him. Stephen fell to his knees a pleaded to God and as soon as he said that and fell asleep.

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Bible Unit 2 Keynote

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Descriptive Paragraph

Our assignment was to print a word picture in our readers minds. How did I do?


      One my favorite places to go is where there is a lot water flying around from big floppy tails to water on my clothes. But when I peered over the edge of the tank I saw water coming out of the top of their heads, but thats when it hit me they were dolphins. I was so interested in the dolphins that I begged my mom to buy me a stuffed animal of a dolphin that I still have today. My mom asked me if I wanted get my picture with a dolphin and I said “yes” so I stood by the see through wall and she took a picture. We got to watch the dolphins for a few more minutes than we had to go home. Five minutes after my mom told me that we had to go home, I knew that we could come back soon.

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