The Stoning of Stephen

These past few weeks we have been working on a project. The project is the Stoning of Stephen. I did a comic life about Stephen. There was seven men who were against Stephen. They dragged Stephen and began to throw stones at him. Stephen fell to his knees a pleaded to God and as soon as he said that and fell asleep.

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The Holy Spirit

All the gifts the we have gotten have been given my God. There is nothing greater than than his gifts given to mankind. The Holy Spirit is a gift giver. He blesses us with things that we don’t always need. For example non of us need the newest update for iPhones or the latest fashion. But the Holy Spirit blesses us with things that we don’t always need like uncountable blessing. The Holy Spirit builds into our lives love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self control. That is the greatest most powerful gift I could ever receive.

Each time I introduce the Holy Spirit it is he not it. The Holy Spirit is a real person who came to reside within Jesus. Nothing is greater than the presence of him. God is one being made up of three distint persons the Father, Son and Holy Spirit. Each Trinity shares the same substance of God. All three of them have a unique role in my life. 

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Jesus’ Crucifixion

The past few weeks we learned about Jesus’ Crucifixion. And the last seven words of Jesus Our teacher put up 7 posters, each one for each verse. Each different poster had either compassion, trust, obedience, humanity, hope, forgiveness, completion. My whole grade reflected on how we could to each of these things for others out side of our school. Jesus said all of these things leading to him dying on the cross.

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