Book Review

“The Fault in Our Stars”
By John Green

This book is a great book for teens. Its is a very sad love story that ends up in a tragic disaster. This book is also full of bursts is humor.

In this book the main character Hazel has a very rare tumor-shrinking that she has had for a few years. This means at any given moment she could stop breathing and die. She has had the tumor for a few years and has to wear a oxogen tank where ever she goes. Hazel goes to a cancer support group that he mom offered up to her because she never gets out of the house. At the support group she meets someone named Augustus Waters, her story is about to change dramatically.

My favorite part of this book is, when Hazel goes to the support group and shares what sickness she has with everyone who also could die at any moment. I really like this part because if I’m having a bad day I try to remember the ones who are in the hospital who could die and never see there family again for a long time.

I recommend this book to all teens, because they might enjoy it but also get caught up into it, and not want to put the book down.


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