God’s faithfulness

when my grampa died I was really sad because he was funny and he always gave  me coupons to McDonalds for free kid meal but when he died this year he said it was time for him to die so i think God spoke to him to make me feel better so that was when God showed his faithfulness. God also showed faithfulness when I moved schools and let me make more freind’s and go to this school so he showed faithfulness


My creation is a triangle.   The triangle can also be on your fist for decoration.

The most difficult part was trying to get my first creation the icosedron to work. My knowledge of science to get the straws to connect and where to put the straws.

the first american thanksgiving

It was like a big family gathering that they ate sang and played all day without doing anything else and they didn’t even eat turkey

they were thankful for getting across the ocean safely and life because they would have died if not for the native americans because they taught them how to plant corn and fish

Abraham and Isaac

Hi my name is Isaac we are going up mount Moriah to make a sacrifice but… wait were is the lamb dad did you forget the lamb again. wait my dad just said that god will provide it but we had three perfectly good lambs back at camp wait he’s tying me to the alter he has a knife he has it out ow…. there’s a bright light it’s talking. finally i’m off the alter and look there’s a ram and we sacrifice that.

market day reflection By:ethan.M

1 thing I learned about collaboration is that you come up with new  and improved ideas.

1 thing I learned about critical thinking is that you need to make a split-second disision

and you might not come out as planned.

1 thing I learned about creativity is that you product is something mabey  no-one else could think of.

the best thing about market day was the MONEY.

1 thing i would change would be to make extras for the 4th graders

the most important thing i learned is its hard to work in a group

family groups

It’s hard to tell the culture by there skin because in family groups we tried to figure out what culture they were by skin color and we learned that you can’t judge a book (or person)by its cover.


I hope we have a snow storm because I want a snow day. I can sled every day and have hot chocolate.I like to have snow ball fights all day and run around. Maybe even sled down the school hill!

winter fun 2-17-16. by Ethan M

I like to sled on my saucer and  have snowball fights by myself so I just throw them at myself.

I like to sled because I spin and go fast and wipeout :)

The place I sled is at my house by my fence to make me spin real fast so watch out!!!

I throw snowballs at myself just because:).

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