newspaper article native Americans perspective

Breaking news! The British have won the war and  we are not happy about that our friends  the french have been defeated. Now they have come into our land so we must attack the British. They think they have authority to come into our land but wait whats this? Wow! Now the native Americans have took some of the land from the British and the British are scared. They just made a proclamation with us so we  can get our land back and I think the American colonists are not happy about this because the king promised them land and then he made them give the land back but a least were happy and hats what matters so if you will excuse me i am going to party with my friends  so by!


The first american thanksgiving

in the first american thanksgiving they were very mean to each other in the beginning the English kidnapped 28 of the indians because they were mad that the indians “took” there land   the indians helped them and then  they became friends.

the English were thankful for the native americans,good growing season, games the native americans showed them and muskets the native americans brought on there journey.

no it was not the first thanksgiving because it was celebrated in other  cultures  before the pilgrims.


market day reflection

One thing I learned about collaboration is that you should take turns talking.

One thing I learned about critical thinking is that you need to do that a lot.

One thing I learned about creativity is that you need to think about something that other people don’t think.

One thing I learned about communication is that you need to do that well.

The best thing about market day was my sandwich board.

One thing I would of changed is that it would be longer.

The most important thing about market day is that you need to work hard.