March 29

Boston Massacre

                 Boston Massacre

                          Gavin VanderZwaag

Who caused the Boston Massacre ? Good question  it was the British.  .They were doing such mean things to the Colonists like passing acts and that was not right at all. Acts; Stamp act the tea act, sugar act, molasses act, and a big one the Townshend which taxed the Colonists for almost everything.That’s pretty obvious for  what they were doing  1st the british soldier hits the boy with the butt of his gun. Second The British soldier fired in the crowd that killed someone. 3rd they were saying that Captain Preston didn’t tell them to fire because he wasn’t there at the s


So what happens is that the British  soldier hits the boy with the butt of his gun . Then the people come to protect the boy and soon a moob is formed. The Colonist got mad and they threw stuff that   could never kill a person and then the british fire and they kill a Colonist that was truly innocent. And then other soldiers fire and then after a little while four people are dead and one ends up dying later and tons were hurt/wounded. The british obviously  should never had fires and they never even got orders from the captain although they say that someone fired because he was hit in the arm and unconscious but how are you unconscious when you are just hit in the arm with a stick. You could hit very hard and still you would not be unconscious. They thought that the first fire had been orders or the colonists saying fire but like a sheep knows his shepherd’s voice a soldier  should know his captain’s voice and also they were not more than two feet away.


        And first of all if the soldier hit the boy with the butt of his gun none of this would’ve happened. All the boy was doing was he was mocking because the British Soldiers were like threats at times . And then the mob formed and the people wanted revenge on the British and there was a lot of people so they thought it wasn’t like a guy with rock versus a guy with a musket and proper things/stuff. They wanted revenge because of the British leaders, (taxing the colonist) for taxing them and not the people of Great Britain and also they didn’t even have 1 representative in the house of representative and they are getting taxed? They themselves and everybody else didn’t have even a little say in the government that was governing them . Plus they have to do what they say because they were in control/ruling them.


They say that Captain Preston didn’t tell them to fire because he wasn’t there but he wrote a Biography and obviously he was there. He was even on trial and he wouldn’t go on trial for nothing and he even said that he was there and told them to fire so if anyone is guilty it should be Preston because he told them to fire which killed 4 people on the scene and one later plus there were wounded. They killed people that were so innocent it wasn’t right. They should have put the british soldiers in jail.


First of all none of this would’ve happened if the British would let the Colonists have a representatives in the house of representatives and not of taxed them a ton because it is not like they asked Great Britain to fight for them it was the British that selfishly wanted America and the colonies so they fought French for their sake not the sake of the Colonists. Plus they were treating them unfairly and taxing them. So if you like to tax people the British are you’re kind of people for you.