April 11

Jesus’s first parable

It was the great wedding of the year and I had to help prepare it. We had so much wine as both. An hour later…
Everyone was already drinking wine and enjoying, talking, etc. I was seeing that everything was going well and bringing wine to people. One cup another and then another until I have served 21 cups of wine. I go to two other people to see if they need something, I ask them and they say they need more wine so I take their cup and took it to fill it and I see that there is no more and he in charge of the banquet is in panic and does not know what Do, then send another servant to go for more but he is worried because he shop that sells wine closer is about 5 miles which on foot will take 1 hour or so. Then this incredible person (Jesus) turns water. (Through God) The wedding was saved!




Who am I?


I am a servant!

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