June 7

5th Grade Reflection

How did you feel or what did you expect going into fifth grade?  I expected to have a good year and I had one and and I felt excited to be in the new middle school edition and also to have air conditioning.

How did you grow in fifth grade? I started devotionals, now I do them daily in the morning and with that I have really grown close to God thru that. It was the perfect time to start doing them.
How did you see God’s power in action in fifth grade? When my grandma had cancer and I was sad and depressed God gave me peace and helped me thru that time and altho she died God gave me peace thru it all and still does give his peace. Also if you ask for peace God will give you peace and strength to get thru your hard times and He will always give you peace and strength no matter whats happening in your life.
What is one of your favorite memories from fifth grade? Serving at COAH ministries (City on a Hill) with Reese, Silas, Brennan, and me. We helped clean up there and it was cool to have the feeling that you were helping a ministry, that help people that serve God. So if you think about it we were serving God and being his disciples. We were also had determination even when it rained we kept on working and we got a ton of work done for them.