January 7

While the World Watched

The Children’s March 1963

  • Birmingham was a very evil place back in segregational times
  • Lots of killing and beating happened
  • They had dogs that would bite anybody- they were untrained
  • A very bad leader was Bull Connor
  • Bull killed lots of Negros and was elected 7 times
  • Lots of kids wanted to be arrested to work in the movement
  • Bull Connor was eventually pulled from his position
  • President John Kenedy made a Civil Rights Act
  • They kept kids in a fairgrounds because there was no room in jail
  • Most kids were happy to go to jail
  • 973 kids arrested the first day
  • 1,922 kids arrested the second-day d-day
  • 4,163 kids arrested the 3rd day of d-day
  • Bull used fire hoses to spray negros
  • Kennedy was later killed
  • King was killed eventually