April 16

Paul Blogpost

One way that God prepared Paul for his missionary life and serving God was that Paul was a Roman citizen. Being a Roman Citizen Paul later was able to reject the offer to have a court trial in Jerusalem and instead have one before Caesar which made a big difference in life or death. God also prepared Paul to be an apostle and helped in with survival in that time because when Paul was in school he chose learned how to make tents and that helped him to survive anywhere while being a missionary. One way that God has prepared me to serve him right now and in the future is that I have a lot of siblings and I have learned how to help others of all ages so that I can help out at many places that need help with taking care of and teaching younger kids about God. Another way that God has prepared me is that I have had people in my life who are very kind and show how to treat others well so I can talk with others very easily and possibly teach them about God.