March 21

Mountain Film Festival

        I experienced a very fun trip on the dunes in the winter. I am on the dunes a lot but not during the winter or the month of March. Even though it was raining on the hike in was still quite fun because it was the true outdoors. In the true outdoors there is no knowledge of what might happen, and to me that is a fun feeling.  My favorite film was the film on the Letter to Congress because there were lots of pictures of the outdoors. Another one that I liked was the film on Sky Migrations. This film was very informative and shows how amazing birds can be. I think that it would be fun to try and follow some birds all the way from Michigan down south and back up when they come in the spring. The seven minutes of silence was very peaceful because I couldn’t hear a thing from the stump I was standing on and it felt as though we were miles away from the world. It impacted me a lot because I felt as though I was standing on a stump that God created and that us humans destroyed. Later that day after watching a video at school I realized I was standing on a timeline because all the plants and stuff there had taken about one-hundred-thousand years to form even after the glaciers finished out that area. I will think differently now and will think before I wreck more of God’s nature than the naturalness that has already been recked. I will also try to have more silent time like we did on the hike in the dunes. The best place to do that is by a very quiet natural area if possible where there is true peace from the world’s noisy area.