October 30

El Sueño Americano

Yo vi que los migrantes traigan muchas cosas diferentes cuando tratan de cruzar la frontera. Yo aprendi de que toma mucho tiempo tomar un foto mas o menos perfecto. Me hizo sentir muy triste de que hay tantas cosas botadas que son nuevos. También sentí un poco de vergüenza de cómo nuestro país toma todo lo que personas que normalmente son pobres tienen. Toman todo y casi nunca hay una excepción.  Fue un paseo muy interesante y ayudó a todos a poder entender más sobre la inmigración. Ahora pienso en una manera diferente. Entiendo cuán duro el viaje a EEUU puede ser. Algo que quizás podemos hacer para los migrantes es que después de que llegan a los Estados Unidos es que podemos dar a ellos algo para usar para empezar su vida. También podemos emplear a las personas migrantes que vienen a los Estados Unidos.

February 6

Come to North Carolina

You should come to North Carolina because you can become rich mining gold,coal,and lots else .
You can also hunt, fish, and also lumber because there are lots of trees and forests.
There is lots of new opportunities to discover. You also get religious freedom and rights. The land is good farming land and fertile soil.

November 9

Trump is elected the Next President 11/8/2016

How did your predictions compare to the results ? My predictions was that Clinton was going to win presidency because Trump was sometimes unrespectful / offensive to so certain people . What surprised you most about the election results ? What surprised me was that Trump won because I thought that he was going to do tons of bad stuff and it seemed like Hillary was very popular and tons of people wanted her to win presidency over the United States of America . How can we unite with others that have a different opinion about the election results ? We can be kind and thoughtful of others who don’t agree with the elections results and try to feel how they feel about the election and its results . What can we do in our classroom or community to make sure everyone’s voice is heard ? Listen to their opinion or what they want to say about the elections the new president and also its results and what they think or their opinion about the elections and its ups and downs about it and it is nice to hear everybody elses opinions and not just your opinion .


October 17

Facts about the Explorations – October 14 . 2016

         Why did the merchants want to go to the east so badly? – The merchants wanted to the east so badly so that they could trade with the people from the Indies for spices and other goods to make their country rich in spices and other things for their country . Why couldn’t traders take the land route anymore ? The traders couldn’t take the land route anymore because the Turks from Turkey no longer let them thru to the east by land so they had to find another route to the east and the Indies to trade with them . Share information about the experience of the to explorers you studied . Some information about my explorers is that they traveled together on the same journey / voyage . My explorers were Ferdinand Magellan and Vasco de Balboa . What kind of items did sailors bring with them on their expeditions . My explorers brought wine , vinegar , dried fish , water barrels , boxes of cookies , and piles of  sailing rope and replacement sails and other stuff for replacing if things break , on their voyage . How did expeditions benefit the King or Queen’s countries ? It benefited the King or Queens countries because if they find land the country could claim it and expand their country and own more land and if they don’t find more land and reach the Indies than they found a new water route to the Indies . Describe the importance of teamwork during a group project . It’s important that you work together as a group because then you can get more done, you can have more ideas, and if you work together as a group you get it done faster and its more fun when you do it with someone else or as a group .

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