What I Learned from 7th Grade Immigration Day

My group had two immigrants come and talk about their journey to the U.S. The first person was from the Netherlands, her name was Mrs. Timmer and she an interesting story. She talked about some of the reasons her family left, the two main ones were, no good employment, and the Nazis invaded. She told us how one night when she was a baby, a bomb went off. She was sleeping in her crib and the force from the bomb blew the door down over her crib and that door protected her from all the debris flying around. She rode on her family on a big boat where they then went to a station to do lots of paperwork. The next person was a man named Mr. Slette from Norway, he heard a friend talking about coming to the U.S. and decided he wanted to also. A day or two later, he was applied to be an exchange student.

Dollar a Day

For social studies, our grade watched a  movie called a dollar a day. In this movie four college guys went to Guatemala to experience what it’s like for some people living there. Most people in the village they were at lived in small one room concrete houses with dirt floors. They got lots of fleas from sleeping on that cold floor every night, it made me realize how lucky I am to have carpet floor and a bed to sleep in. Let’s all face it; there’s not really much you can buy with one dollar, when they were at the food market there was only so much they could get and that wasn’t much. After watching that I realized how grateful we should all feel, there was a guy who cleaned toilets and worked the fields just to provide for three kids, a wife and himself. We have a very great privilege to live in such a country as the United States. And in Guatemala it’s not just food they hunger for, it’s an education. Thank you for taking the time to read this and I hope you think about this.

Blog #5

El Patio

El patio es muy divertido porque hay bueno aire. Ahi es muy obstucalos para mi. El patio es muy divertido para todos.

El Gimnasio

El gimnasio es mi favorito porque tu juegas baloncesco. Tu ejercisio y trabajas para deportes. El gimnasio es grande y  alto.


La biblioteca es bueno porque tu poder leer. La biblioteca es muy largo alto. La biblioteca es no favorito para estudiantes.


Holland es arriba de Hamilton. Holland es muy bonita y fantastico. Hamilton es bajo de Holland.


Clases en Costa Rica


Tu comenzas matematicas en a las ocho menos cuarto. Tu hacer diviseon y multiplicatieon. Tu sacar matematicas en a las ocho y media.


Estudios sociales

Tu comenzas estudios sociales en a las ocho y trienta sinco. Tu poder saber de mauyans y su cultura.

Tu sacar estudios sociales en a las nueve y viente.


Tu comenzas sciencias en a las nueve y viente sinco. Tu poder hacer proyectos sobre gatos y perros. Tu sacar sciencias en a las diez.

blog post de cultura #3

Franklin Chang-Diaz es muy famoso El es intelegente y bajo y el es pello castano.

Oscar Arias es muy famoso y el es pello castano y el intelegente. El es tambien organizado.

Maribel Guardia es bajo y pello castano y ella es bonito.