The Bible P.B.L.

this year in bible class we did a P.B.L. (Project Based Learning)! this was an experience that was very enjoyable for everyone there. My group was Somalia. For our project, we did a video, keynote and a visual presentation. Our visual presentation was a jail cell made and spray painted by Nate and me. we spent a long time to get it just right Kegan did the keynote, and Logan did the video. we learned that Somalia is #3 on the world watch list, and that 98% of christians are persecuted in day to day life


Beginning of the Year Reflections

this has been a strange and exciting school year for me so far. joining a class that has known each other for practically ever  it feel strange being “that new kid”. but I can see a definite love for christ in this school. the community of this year is amazing. everybody has showed their special way of fitting in and acting in this community we call school,  some think school is the worst thing ever, but it seems that people want to learn and be with each other. the teachers seem really passionate about what they teach   and are almost always willing to debate what is at topic and seem to really care about us and our academics. that’s why this has been an excellent year and cant wait to see what else happens this school year.