Scar Island Book Review

Scar Island by Dan Gemeinhart

Realistic Fiction

Jonathan Grisby arrives at a creepy prison by boat. The place is run by a maniac. If any of the boys get into any trouble he makes them kneel on the devil’s cradle. (A torture device) He tries to escape but a hurricane stops him the first time.

Jonathan is a wild, crazy and wacky person. He loved his family until they sent him to Slabenhedge. He became crazy and edgy and had a hard time getting along with other inmates.

Jonathan Grisby has recently arrived at Slabenhedge Correctional Facility. Charged with arson, Jonathan is having a hard time making friends until a lightning strike kills all of the Slabenhedge leaders leaving the boys with no adults. Jonathan goes on a wild journey to try and reunite to his family.

Overall I would give this book 4.73 out of 5. It was a good book that keeps you on the edge of your seat the whole time. The story had a major plot twist toward the end of it to keep you interested. I loved this book so much I read all of Dan Gemeinhart’s other books!


It’s not fair that everyone has a phone and I’m stuck with a 1st version iPad that crashes every time I try to use it. I thought that one time I needed candy but later in the day I got surprised with Captain Sundae! It was so good.

Response to AU Day

  1. We debated on free voting process, and democracies/No way the DRC has a crappy Government and need democracy.
  2. I enjoy debating and arguing with a bunch of my friends and trying to find holes in their plans.
  3. The hardest part was to defend your part and getting people to vote for us.

Culture Post #6

Esta mucho deportes popular en España: Tenis, baloncesto, golf, y futbol.

Pau Gasol juego por Spurs y Lakers, Sergio Gracia juego golf y el gana la Masters. Rafael Nadal juego tenis y gana 14 Grand Slams. Sergio Ramos juego futbol, el juego por Real Madrid. Rafael Nadal es mi favorito.


I thought most of Africa was either very poor or tribal. Also I thought that you had to walk a long way to only get a small amount of water. I learned that a lot of people in central Africa don’t live over 55 years.    Because they don’t get the support needed to cure a disease.

The Eagle Huntress

I watched The Eagle Huntress today and it was about a girl who tamed an Eagle, and competed in a contest only for men. She ended up winning it and becoming the first girl to win. After the contest she went hunting in the mountains and caught a wolf. She was highly looked up to in the whole country of Mongolia.

Film Day

My favorite thing about Film day was the one about the galaxy. It added a whole new perspective to how small our planet really is. All in all the Film Day was super fun! A lot more fun than I thought.

Culture Post #5

Nueva Ano esta la primero celebracion en la ano. Etsa mucho bailar y cantar.

En Carnival esta mucho decorationes. Esta globos y regalos

La Dia de Columbus es la dia cuando Christopher Columbus va a Notre America.

La Seista esta la tiempo de duermo en el centro de la dia.

Día de la Constitución es mismo de la dia de mi cumpleanos. La sexto de Deciembre es la Día de la Constitución en España

Camp Reflection #2

What verse spoke to you? What did it say to you?

2nd Corinthians 5:17. In with the new, out with the old. I think that we should disregard all of the bad things we did. Because in Heaven everyone gets a new body and a second chance at life. God gives us second chances.

List our group goals. Which one are you going to work on? What will that look like.

We said that we would not “cross the line.”  I felt like in Choir everyone just didn’t really care about it and we crossed that line and really dissed Mr. S. No one really cared what he said or what he did.


I drew 3 cards of my thoughts about our 2nd Camp Reflection and here they are.