Themes of the Old Testament

Topic 1 Names

God the creator wants a relationship with you because we are his people. God gave and changed names of people based on their meaning. In the bible times names showed your character or what their heart is like. In bible class we did a worksheet and a bible book about this topic. My name is Jesse and the name Jesse means Gift. I do not think my parents chose my name because of the meaning. I think the name Jesse means gift because back in the bible Jesse’s generation is huge that is what I think.


Topic 2 Conflict/doubt

Israel’s name me struggles with God the story of Jacob is wrestled with God. God does know we will doubt him at times and it is ok to doubt he will give you the right people. If you do doubt God that does not make you a bad person it means you are normal. For this assignment we used a google doc to learn about it and read about it. I doubt God at times when I am going through ruff times with some stuff. Everybody doubts God at times it means your normal that is what I think.  For my picture I did a family missing someone because they could be struggling and doubting God.



TOPIC 3 Covenant

God made a covenant with his people but the covenant had rules. If you obey the covenant you will get some blessing from God. If you did disobey the covenant God would give you a consequence from God. For this assignment we learned about Adam and Eve and Noah and we used a book. God made a covenant with his people and he promised to keep his covenant and he kept his promise. What I learned from this is that God made a good covenant and he always keeps his promises. For my picture I did a rope because a rope stays connected and doesn’t break neither will God’s promise.

TOPIC 4 call

God asked Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac to follow his call to a different land. He promised them if they follow the call he will make their nation great. God still calls his people today you have to listen for his holy spirit because he still calls his people. Some ways to follow that would be talk to christian friends and obey God’s laws. In class we worked on this with a worksheet and we did read a book on these lessons. What I learned from this is to listen for God’s call because he could be calling you for anything. For my picture I did a microphone because God’s is talking to you and calling you.


Topic 5-

Slavery and salvation

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers but does something good after they sold him. Joseph did help his family in the famine after his brothers sold him.Moses was born into slavery but then leads them out of Egypt. People did try to hurt others but God did change it for good witch is a good thing. God is faithful, unchanging, and present today just like he was for Joseph. In class we did a worksheet and read a book to learn about this lesson. What I learned from this is that God is faithful and when bad things happen he will provide new good things. For my picture I did money because Joseph was sold for money.


Topic 6-

Salute to the king

There is a cycle of judges 1st go well 2nd people do sin 3rd enemies exile 4th cry to God. They wanted a king because they wanted a king because they wanted to be like other nations. Everyone did as they saw that fit they looked at others and wanted to be like them. You should do what culture wants or what God wants that’s how it should be. In class we did a few worksheets on this lesson. What I learned from this is you should listen to what God tells you to do. For my picture I did a chair because in court a judge sits in a chair.



Topic 7-

Symbol of a lamp

God promises that through David the lamp will never go out. David was a man after God’s heart and that is always good to be known as that means he always trusted and listened to God. Even though he was a man after God’s heart he’s like everyone else he made mistakes. Davids line does lead to the light of the world which is Jesus. In class for this lesson we did a book and we worked on a google doc. What I learned from this is that God will always be there for you he is the lamp and it will never go out. For my picture I did a lamp because God is the lamp of the world.


Topic 8-

Slide to destruction

Israel had 1 king but they still made the decision to worship baal. Judah had 2 good kings the others worshiped idols and that’s not good. Kings focused on popularity but not God’s law and everyone does put God’s law aside and focus on other stuff.  But always listen to the prophets put into your life, they will help you. There are consequences for doing it are not God’s way. In class for this we did do the book and the slide to destruction doc. What I learned from this is try to listen to God’s law over what you want. For my picture I chose a mountain because mountains are the highest point and being popular is the highest point.

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