If i could freeze a moment in time it would be one of my baseball tournament wins it was so exciting and fun so I would freeze that.


I think God is whispering to me to stay strong through everything right now


  1. What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “Psalms teach us to say, “Forgive me, Lord”. Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? When did you stop this week to ask God for forgiveness? Respond with at least 5 complete sentences. Everybody needs forgiveness from God. When we sin we should ask God for forgiveness. Because God will always forgive you no matter what. I asked God for  forgiveness when I do something bad.

  2. With forgiveness comes repentance. To “repent” literally means to change directions. After we ask forgiveness, receiving God’s grace can cause us to want to act differently than before–to repent. Tell a story about a time when you acted differently after asking for forgiveness. OR tell about something that you would like to do differently in order to better reflect God’s love. What happened? How did you feel? Use at least 5 complete sentences.   I have sinned before and I did ask forgiveness. But then I did the same thing again and asked for forgiveness again. Yes God did forgive me but I should not have done it again. I should of known better than to do it again. When you sin do not do the same sin again.

  3. Tell a story about something creative that you did this week. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen? Use at least 5 complete sentences.  I went to a friends house this week on Tuesday. We went hammocking and Quading and fishing. Also we did jump on the tramp that was fun. His hosue was very fun. I would go there again any day.


Did God speak to you clearly this week when choosing the possible theme? If so, describe what that was like. If you did not hear God’s voice, how did that make you feel? Did the Zoom on Tuesday make sense to you? Do you have any suggestions for the 8th-grade teachers on finding the theme during distance learning? Do you have any questions for the 8th-grade teachers?  Working on picking the theme was good I liked it so far. Everyone that has helped has had good ideas probably. God spoke to me in choosing my idea for the theme.


Describe one gift or talent that you have that you could use to lead ZCS next year? Where and when could that gift be used at ZCS? For example, you might say that you like to organize so you could help Mr. Commeret organize the Lost and Found. You would do this by…  I have leadership. That I can use to be a example next year at zcs. Thats how I can help.


Burning bush

The burning bush story connects to me because it shows that God shows up in his creation. There was an angel of the Lord appeared to Moses in flames of fire from within a bush. When the Lord saw that Moses had gone over to look God called him from the bushes. God said do not come any closer. But God asked Moses to take of his sandals Moses was probably confused.  God asked Moses to go the elders of Israel. Moses by the end of this was probably confused happy and more.


What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “The Psalms teach us to sing praise to God.” Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? What praise do you sing to God right now? Respond with at least 5 complete sentences. That God is always with us. Also you should praise God whenever you can. There are many ways to praise God. You can pray to God thats  a way to praise. or sing songs of worships to God.

Tell a story about a time that was difficult this week. What happened? Were there things that comforted you at all? Use at least 5 complete sentences. I did not have anything difficult this week. But it has been difficult to not see my friends at all. I do not like not being able to not see my friends at all. I love to hang out with my friends and do stuff with them. I miss my friends.

Tell a story about something this week that you were proud of. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen? Use at least 5 complete sentences. I did not really do anything this week.


What verse(s) stood out to you? Why?  Verse 1 stuck out to me because God listens to are prayers always and he never forgets us

What image do you see when you think of that verse?  People praying and worshiping God becausehe is very good to us.

What “artistic position” would you draw for this Psalm? People praying to God.

What could you connect from your life with that Psalm? Praying to God when we are sad or are in need of wisdom or something like that.

How does this Psalm talk about listening to God? If you listen for or listen to God and you belive you will go to heaven.


If I have trouble with online learning I ask someone. When I am stuck I either call my friends or ask my parentrs for help it depends. Then they teach me how to do it.  Online school can be very hard sometimes or a lot it can be hard. But with help from friends or parents it gets easier because they help you.

When I am not doing online school I do a lot of different things. I play outside a lot I play basketball or sometimes I practice baseball. I play my xbox a lot with my friends thats one of the only ways I can tak to them so I do that a lot. I watch a lot of tv shows. So that is what I do over this coronavirus time.


How have you experienced God lately? How are you praying to see God’s presence in the world? I have expirienced God lately, because he is with us. Throughout this whole coronavirus time he is with even when things are hard. I am praying for Gods presence in the world. I pray for him to make everyone better who is sick or hurt.  I pray tat he will stop the coronavirus so we will not have as many deaths.

Describe a time when you were playing outside since the “Stay at Home” went into effect. What did you do? What was the weather like? How did the outside time make you feel? I have done a lot of things since the stay home affect has been placed on us. I usually play outside or watch tv or play my xbox during this time of from school. When the stay at home affect started the wheather was not hot but not cold. The outside made me feel better not like I am trapped in one place that woukd suck. That is what I do during the stay at home affect.

One highlight since my last blog post has been playing outside. I also like playing my xbox also because it gives me a chance to talk to my friends and play games. One low light. Has been not being able to hang out with my friends at all. I like hanging out with my friends so it has been hard not being able to hang out with them at all.

No School

My week was a good week because there was no school. But also sad because I couldnt see my friends. My mom will not let me leave the house that part sucks also. I did get to sleep in everyday so that was really good. Oh yea my mom made me read so that really sucked.

Some of the highlights of my break was going to Coltons house it was fun. I was lucky to be able to go there because my mom will not let me leave the house. I have been able to play the xbox with my friends and I was able to talk to them. I liked playing outside and playing sports and other stuff. So those are some of my highlights of these weeks of so far.


Some challenges during this break are being away from my friends. It has been really boring at home with nothing to do sometimes. Some other challenges were doing school work alone. Not having any teachers there to help you if you need it. Or doing partner work with my friends.

Themes of the Old Testament

Topic 1 Names

God the creator wants a relationship with you because we are his people. God gave and changed names of people based on their meaning. In the bible times names showed your character or what their heart is like. In bible class we did a worksheet and a bible book about this topic. My name is Jesse and the name Jesse means Gift. I do not think my parents chose my name because of the meaning. I think the name Jesse means gift because back in the bible Jesse’s generation is huge that is what I think.


Topic 2 Conflict/doubt

Israel’s name me struggles with God the story of Jacob is wrestled with God. God does know we will doubt him at times and it is ok to doubt he will give you the right people. If you do doubt God that does not make you a bad person it means you are normal. For this assignment we used a google doc to learn about it and read about it. I doubt God at times when I am going through ruff times with some stuff. Everybody doubts God at times it means your normal that is what I think.  For my picture I did a family missing someone because they could be struggling and doubting God.



TOPIC 3 Covenant

God made a covenant with his people but the covenant had rules. If you obey the covenant you will get some blessing from God. If you did disobey the covenant God would give you a consequence from God. For this assignment we learned about Adam and Eve and Noah and we used a book. God made a covenant with his people and he promised to keep his covenant and he kept his promise. What I learned from this is that God made a good covenant and he always keeps his promises. For my picture I did a rope because a rope stays connected and doesn’t break neither will God’s promise.

TOPIC 4 call

God asked Abraham, Jacob, and Isaac to follow his call to a different land. He promised them if they follow the call he will make their nation great. God still calls his people today you have to listen for his holy spirit because he still calls his people. Some ways to follow that would be talk to christian friends and obey God’s laws. In class we worked on this with a worksheet and we did read a book on these lessons. What I learned from this is to listen for God’s call because he could be calling you for anything. For my picture I did a microphone because God’s is talking to you and calling you.


Topic 5-

Slavery and salvation

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers but does something good after they sold him. Joseph did help his family in the famine after his brothers sold him.Moses was born into slavery but then leads them out of Egypt. People did try to hurt others but God did change it for good witch is a good thing. God is faithful, unchanging, and present today just like he was for Joseph. In class we did a worksheet and read a book to learn about this lesson. What I learned from this is that God is faithful and when bad things happen he will provide new good things. For my picture I did money because Joseph was sold for money.


Topic 6-

Salute to the king

There is a cycle of judges 1st go well 2nd people do sin 3rd enemies exile 4th cry to God. They wanted a king because they wanted a king because they wanted to be like other nations. Everyone did as they saw that fit they looked at others and wanted to be like them. You should do what culture wants or what God wants that’s how it should be. In class we did a few worksheets on this lesson. What I learned from this is you should listen to what God tells you to do. For my picture I did a chair because in court a judge sits in a chair.



Topic 7-

Symbol of a lamp

God promises that through David the lamp will never go out. David was a man after God’s heart and that is always good to be known as that means he always trusted and listened to God. Even though he was a man after God’s heart he’s like everyone else he made mistakes. Davids line does lead to the light of the world which is Jesus. In class for this lesson we did a book and we worked on a google doc. What I learned from this is that God will always be there for you he is the lamp and it will never go out. For my picture I did a lamp because God is the lamp of the world.


Topic 8-

Slide to destruction

Israel had 1 king but they still made the decision to worship baal. Judah had 2 good kings the others worshiped idols and that’s not good. Kings focused on popularity but not God’s law and everyone does put God’s law aside and focus on other stuff.  But always listen to the prophets put into your life, they will help you. There are consequences for doing it are not God’s way. In class for this we did do the book and the slide to destruction doc. What I learned from this is try to listen to God’s law over what you want. For my picture I chose a mountain because mountains are the highest point and being popular is the highest point.

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