States of Matter Lab

We studied why thing of the same mass and density float or sink (Full pop cans). I think that the diet Coke floats because it was set in gently and didn’t break the surface tention but the Mt. Dew sank because it was just dropped in and had enough force to break the surface tention of the water then can’t float up.


Lesson 1: Matter, Matters

1.  What is Chemistry?

The study of matter and how it changes.

2. What is Matter?

Anything that has mass and volume

solubility – how well something dissolves in water

Lesson 2: Density

3.   States of Matter:



In a container…

Particle Movement




definite shape

and volume

vibrating closely packed

a rock

 liquid  Medium  takes the shape

of the container

Warm: Medium

Cold: slow

Warm: Medium

Cold: slow


Warm: Medium

Cold: slow

invisibly take the shape

of the container

Warm: fast

cold: slow


Insert Picture of phase changes below:

What is the formula for Density?

Density = mass/volume

Density Lab Blog Post:

1. Explain what you did in the density lab and explain why the property of density determines whether an object will sink or float.  Also explain how can an two objects of the same size have different densities.

What are the building blocks of matter?


Build a model of an atom including it’s parts and orbits.


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