Holy Spirit

I learned about symbols in our daily lives, doves all around, holy spirit all around.

The Holy Spirit is a thing that fills us, and uses us to spread the word. The Holy Spirit is also something we should be baptized in, that another way that the Holy Spirit fills us. The Holy Spirit was also a part of creation, that it was he/she that was being created or creating i could not find the information on. The LORD is The Holy Spirit, which is not surprising because both are things we should follow and believe in. In the KJV The Holy Spirit is called The Holy Ghost, which i can believe, God has over 100 names and Jesus has a little over 50. The Holy Spirit is obviously in the old testament seeing that he was a part of creation.

I feel like the holy spirit is working in my life by helping me show others how to be christians through my actions. It makes me feel like i can accomplish anything when it is with me. The Holy Spirit is the best thing you could have in your life. it would be great if we could all be one with the spirit. Now that i have shared my thoughts about the holy spirit i will now show it through the project.

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