Blog Reflection

Part 1:

If I had to choose a moment in my life that I would freeze I would choose the time my family and I were in Ethiopia and we were driving to a greenhouse and we drove past a bunch of beautiful mountains. And my family and I were having a nice fun time and we were all happy.


Part 2:

I think he is whispering that everything is going to be ok and it will all work out. And my sister is having surgery today and I think he is whispering that it’s going to go well. And he comforts me because I know that everything that happens for a reason and that no matter how bad of thing you have to go through its for a reason.

Blog Reflection

  1. What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “Psalms teach us to say, “Forgive me, Lord”. Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? When did you stop this week to ask God for forgiveness?

The phrase I thought about this week was from psalm 51:2 and the part that says cleanse me from my sin. I thought about this phrase because it is a different way of saying forgive me. This week I asked for forgiveness from God because I have been on electronics a lot and spent only a little time praying. Another time this week I asked for forgiveness from God was when I wasn’t being super nice to my siblings. Also, one more time this week when I asked for forgiveness from God was when I wasn’t obeying my parents and was mad.

           2. With forgiveness comes repentance. To “repent” literally means to change directions. After we ask forgiveness, receiving God’s                     grace can cause us to want to act differently than before–to repent. Tell a story about a time when you acted differently after                           asking for forgiveness. OR tell about something that you would like to do differently in order to better reflect God’s love. What                         happened? How did you feel?

Something that I would like to do different is when I am talking to God to take more time and to listen to him. I think this will help to better reflect God’s love because he can tell me what to say to people to be nice. Recently when I talk to God I don’t spend much time doing so and I haven’t always been happy. And it would be better for me to take that small amount of time out of my day to do something that will help me grow. I have tried doing that today so far and I have been happier and more consentrated.

           3. Tell a story about something creative that you did this week. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen?

Something creative that I did was me and my brothers made a fence for around our garden. We had to cut all the wood which took a while then we had to paint it. It took a couple days to put on enough layers for it to look nice. The project took longer than a week but we just recently finished it. The people that were apart of making it happen were my Dad he had the idea and measured all the stuff my brothers and I cut and painted the wood and we all helped put it up.

Blog reflection

  1. Did God speak to you clearly this week when choosing the possible theme? If so, describe what that was like. If you did not hear God’s voice, how did that make you feel? Did the Zoom on Tuesday make sense to you? Do you have any suggestions for the 8th-grade teachers on finding the theme during distance learning? Do you have any questions for the 8th-grade teachers?


This week I feel like God did speak to me but it was not perfectly clear. I was filling out the stuff on the google doc and looking at bible verses and one of them looked good and I liked what it said. The zoom on Tuesday made sense to me when and the explaining of what we are going to do made sense.


  1. Describe one gift or talent that you have that you could use to lead ZCS next year? Where and when could that gift be used at ZCS? For example, you might say that you like to organize so you could help Mr. Commeret organize the Lost and Found. You would do this by…


I like to help people with stuff they can’t figure out so if someone doesn’t understand something then I can help them. I also, like to do things with friends and I can make new friends. And maybe those people didn’t have a big friend group before that.


  1. Listen to these songs and connect the song to “Listening to God” or this week’s search for a theme. What phrase stuck out to you? Why? You may comment one sentence on each song or you may do all three of your sentences with one song. You may find a song that I do not mention below that fits with “Listening to God” or our theme week and use that too. I’m Listening – Chris McClarney Word of God Speak – Mercy Me -God Speaking – Mandisa Sound of Your Voice – Third Day


The phrase “you see what I cannot see” from the song I’m listening stuck out to me because we need to listen to him to know what to do. And if we listen to what he tells us to do we can do good for others. So if I don’t understand why he is telling me to do something but I still trust him he can see what will happen but I can’t so I still have to trust him.

Blog Reflection

I chose the coat of many colors because josephs brothers threw him in a pit and were being mean. And sometimes people can be mean to others. And then they sold him to people passing by to go to Egypt and then he went to jail. And it seemed like everything was going bad and people sometimes feel like that. And God turned that all into good and made him second in rule to help with the famine. And God uses everyone and everything for good. And that gives us hope because God can turn anything into somthing good.

Blog Reflection

  1. What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “The Psalms teach us to sing praise to God.” Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? What praise do you sing to God right now?
    I thought about the picture from the book and how everyone was celebrating Gods creation and praising him. One phrase that stood out to me is “majestic is your name”. This stood out to me because the “your” part is one person and none others. I praise him for all his creation when I look outside. Recently we built a wood duck birdhouse for by our pond and just today 2 duck live in there now.
  2. Tell a story about a time that was difficult this week. What happened? Were there things that comforted you at all?
    One time that was difficult this week was that I was behind on some of my work and needed to finish it. I was behind because I couldn’t find motivation to do it. But on Tuesday I realized I had to do it so my Mom made me a list of missing work and I worked on it all day Tuesday. I still had a couple things to do so Wednesday morning and afternoon I took a break and finished my work that night and finished it. Something that helped me was my mom she made me a list and helped me stay focused.
  3. Tell a story about something this week that you were proud of. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen?

I am proud that I finished the Spanish work pretty easily. It seemed hard but it was easier than I expected. I didn’t want to do it because it looked hard but I did it anyway and finished fast. No one really helped me because my Mom isn’t the best at speaking Spanish. So I did it on my own and I’m surprised that I was able to do it.

Blog Reflection

  1. What verse(s) stood out to you? Why?


    Psalm 46 verse on stood out to me because it lets me know God is always with me.

    What image do you see when you think of that verse? 

    When I think of that verse I think of an animal protecting its kids.

    What “artistic position” would you draw for this Psalm? 

    I would draw all the wars ending and the weapons disappearing.

    Is there a song or tune that fits with this Psalm? 

    I think the song be still and know would fit because it says that in the psalm.

    How does this Psalm talk about listening to God?

    It says a lot of things God can do but you won’t know them unless you listen to what the verse says. 

  2. Describe a time or times when you were kind since we shifted to online learning. Describe a time when someone has been kind to you since we shifted to online learning.

When we were outside my younger sister tipped over on her bike and started to cry. So I ran over to her and helped her up. she said she was alright so I helped her back on her bike. Another time I didn’t understand some of my work and was frustrated. So my Mom came and helped me finish it.

  1. Describe the activities that you are doing to help pass the time once your homework is finished. Possible examples-bike riding, painting, board games, puzzles, texting friends…

I have spent a lot of my time on school work and finishing that. I also helped my brother fix up a lawnmower he bought. I have been shooting squirrels that come around our house. We also built a fence for around our garden to keep bunnies out. And I have spent some time on electronics and some board games.

Blog Reflection

1. How have you experienced God lately? How are you praying to see God’s presence in the world? 5 complete, detailed sentences
I have seen God when on Sundays we watch online services in the morning. I have also seen him in nature outside when we go on walks. I have also heard him when the birds’ whistle and I know he is there. I pray for him to calm the spread of the coronavirus. Also, I pra for all the elderly people to stay safe and to not get sick.
2. Describe a time when you were playing outside since the “Stay at Home” went into effect. What did you do? What was the weather like? How did the outside time make you feel? 5 complete, detailed sentences
I went on a walk with my brothers and dog and on a car ride after. The weather was nice it was sunny and pretty warm. It was nice to get out and it made me happy. it also refreshed me and made me realize how power full God is. There were a lot of other people walking too and It was nice to see other people enjoying the weather too.
3. Describe one highlight and one “low-light” since your last blog post. 5 complete, detailed sentences.
Make sure to read the comment your teacher left for you after your first post during online learning.
One low light is that a lot of places are closed and you have to stay inside. It makes it a lot more boring because you cant do a lot of stuff you used to do. And it’s challenging staying in the house because it gets annoying with so many people. One high light is that it is spring break and there isn’t any school work for a week. And that will be nice to relax for a week and not have to worry about having school work for that time.


  1. Each day I would wake up at around 10 and go to the blog to see the work. Then I would do the math for a while ad take a break. After my break, I would do any other work till lunch. Then after lunch, I would do whatever I wanted till 5 then eat supper. And after supper, I would finish anything I didn’t finish earlier, then after that, I would do what I want again.
  2. There was a lot of math, it was easy but it took a long time to finish. It was nice out most of the week so I went outside and that was fun. Also, since there wasn’t church on Sunday me my dad and two of my brothers took my dog for a walk. There wasn’t a lot of school work so I had a lot of extra time. Our family spent a lot of time together so we’re getting sick of each other.
  3. I think we have too much math homework and it takes too long. Also, the zoom chats are a good idea for some work times. And how Mrs. Z is doing some people at a time, not the whole class. I think the dragon game Mr. Kapenga has us do helps with understanding better. Also, that working at home is challenging because there are so many distractions and its hard to stay focused.

Themes of The Old Testament

Topic 1- covenant

God made a covenant with us and we need to keep it. There are two kinds of covenants an unconditional covenant and a conditional covenant. An example of a conditional covenant is God will give us the earth if we take care of it. The shaking hands are a symbol of making an agreement and to keep it just like God did with the Israelites but he didn’t shake hands. I learned what conditional and unconditional covenants are and what covenants he has with us. Also, I learned that businesses that lease property have covenants. And if you break them than they can tell you that you can lease the property any more.


Topic 2- call


God calls people today by sending someone else or by sending the holy spirit. But in bible times sometimes he would tell the person himself and the people would be scared. And they would have to completely trust in him and not worry about it. I did a map of Ethiopia because God called our family to adopt two little girls from Ethiopia. What I learned from this is that God still calls people today and not just in Bible times. Also, he calls people through other people and through other things and calls people in so many ways.



Topic 3- Sinai law

God is willing to be our God but to be his people, we have to obey his commandments. His commandments are supposed to protect us and keep us safe. But, sometimes we may think they’re making it so we cant have fun. The picture of the is that a coat is meant to keep us warm and our parents tell us to wear them so we don’t get cold but sometimes we think we’re cool when we don’t wear one. I learned that God has made a law for every part of your life. Also that if you obey the commandments then you can be one of God’s people



Topic 4- slavery/salvation

Joseph was sold into slavery by his brothers but he still helped them during the famine. Moses was born into slavery but he still helped the people escape. People tried to harm each other but God didn’t like that so he changed it to good. The rainbow is a symbol that God is unchanging, faithful, and present. I learned that God turns evil into good and is always helping us and watching. Also, he is always with us and never changes his promises or how much he loves us and he is always faithful.



Topic 5- salute to a king

The cycle of judges, first it would go well then everyone would sin so then God would send enemies and the people would cry out to God so he would send a judge. Then after that went on for a long time the people asked for a king to be like other nations. And during the time of the judges, all the people did as they saw fit. The big and little houses are a symbol of wanting what other people had like the Israelites wanted a king like all the other nations. I learned that we should do what God wants not what culture wants. Also that the Israelites went through the judges cycle a lot of times and didn’t learn from it.



Topic 6- conflicted/doubt

God knows that we go through times of doubt and questioning and we need to pray to him for help in tough times. Israel’s name means struggled with God and Jacob literally wrestled with God. Also, God is faithful even if we are not and he surrounds you with the right people at the right time. The needle is a symbol of when we had to put our dog down and I got really sad questioned why we had to do that. I learned that it doesn’t make you a bad Christian if you go through times of doubt and questioning. Also, that God will surround you with the right people to help you get through it and he is faithful even when you are not.



Topic 7- symbol of a lamp

God is like a candle and he will never go out or leave us so we don’t have to worry. This is known because God promised that through David the “lamp” will never go out. Even though David made many mistakes he was a man after God’s own heart. The candle represents the candles in the front of my church it fits with the lamp because I don’t ever see them snuffed out. I learned that the Israelites had lamps that they never let go out because once they went out they had no light. Also, you can make mistakes but still be someone after God’s own heart.



Topic 8- a savior

God wanted the Israelites to do good things so he made the Sinai covenant. They couldn’t keep the covenant so he offered a new one. The new one he offered would be written on their hearts and in their minds. So there would be no more sacrifice but instead, Jesus would be the ultimate sacrifice. The bread and wine are a symbol because before Jesus was sacrificed as the ultimate sacrifice he broke bread and drank wine. I learned that Jerimiah was the one who gave the new covenant and that it was based on God’s grace and forgiveness. Also, Isaiah gave many pictures of the new savior all throughout the bible.