my fariy tail

The Three Little Fish and the Big Bad Shark

Once upon a time there lived three little fish. One day their mom said you half to build your own house, And watch out for the big bad shark. He will gobble you up. So off they went.


The first little fish built his house out of seaweed. He was happy about it. The second little fish built his house out of pebbles. He was very proud of it. The third little fish built his house out of a rock. He was happy and proud of it.


A few days later the big bad shark came. He saw the first little fish hiding in the seaweed. And said “little fish little fish open the door or I’ll gobble you up”. But the little fish said “No” So he gobbled his home up. The little fish got away and went to his brother’s house. The big bad shark saw where he went and went over there. He said “open the door or i’ll gobble you up”. The fish said “No.”


So the shark tried to eat them but all he got was pebbles. He didn’t see where they went. So he looked around and saw a huge rock with three fish in it. So the shark went over there and said “open the door or I’ll gobble you up.” All the fish side “no.” So he bit the rock as hard as he could and all his teeth fell out and he fell down they look out the window and the shark looked like he was dead. They went out to look at the shark and he was dead. And they lived happily ever after.

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