May 23

blog post

part 1: If I could freeze a moment in my life, it would be sometime around when I go camping.

part 2: I think God is whispering: “get your homework done”.  Also, his presence helps me finish

May 17

blog post

  1. What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “Psalms teach us to say, “Forgive me, Lord”. Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? When did you stop this week to ask God for forgiveness? Respond with at least 5 complete sentences.                 
    I thought about how the Lord forgives you for your sins. I also thought about how the Lord saves you from your sins. None of the phrases from the psalm stood out to me. The reason that none of them stood out to me is that they all gave me the same message. Also, I stopped and asked God for forgiveness this week before bed.
  2. With forgiveness comes repentance. To “repent” literally means to change directions. After we ask forgiveness, receiving God’s grace can cause us to want to act differently than before–to repent. Tell a story about a time when you acted differently after asking for forgiveness. OR tell about something that you would like to do differently to better reflect God’s love. What happened? How did you feel? Use at least 5 complete sentences.

    Something I would do to better reflect God’s love is to try to help others more often.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        
  3. Tell a story about something creative that you did this week. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen? Use at least 5 complete sentences.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          I did not do anything creative this week. My week was mostly spent playing video games, basketball, and doing homework.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
May 3

bible blog post

This is another blog post about bible. Sorry Mrs. Z I know it is late ( now I have two sentences less to write). The story I chose to reflect on the story of Joseph.  This is how I see hope in this story. So the story starts out with the brothers seeing Josephs coat and getting jealous then they sold him as a slave. Joseph goes through a lot of stuff and even goes to jail. Still he believed in God and God saved him.

April 24

another blog 2

  1. What did you learn or think about the most this week from our theme “The Psalms teach us to sing praise to God.” Was there a phrase from a Psalm that stood out? What praise do you sing to God right now? Respond with at least 5 complete sentences.
    No there was not a psalm that stood out to me. There was not a phrase that stood out to me either. I would sing about how I finished my homework. Other wise I don’t sing. This is a very important extra sentence.

  2. Tell a story about a time that was difficult this week. What happened? Were there things that comforted you at all? Use at least 5 complete sentences.
    Doing my homework was hard this week. (I cant think of anther answer so this one is short)

  3. Tell a story about something this week that you were proud of. What happened? Who was a part of making it happen? Use at least 5 complete sentences.

I finished my homework. (again sorry I couldn’t think of five sentences for this one)

April 20

another blog

  1. Read one of the Psalms that we looked at this week. Psalm 34, 46 or 61. Read the whole Psalm (not just one verse from the picture book page). Reflect on that Psalm by using any of these questions or by sharing your own thoughts.  

What verse(s) stood out to you? Why?

none of them they all seemed the same


  1. Describe a time or times when you were kind since we shifted to online learning. Describe a time when someone has been kind to you since we shifted to online learning.

 I haven’t been talking to people.


  1. Describe the activities that you are doing to help pass the time once your homework is finished. Possible examples-bike riding, painting, board games, puzzles, texting friends…

I have been playing on my xbox.


April 1

blog reflection

1. How have you experienced God lately? How are you praying to see God’s presence in the world? 5 complete, detailed sentences
I have experienced God through not getting sick from the coronavirus. Other ways I have experienced God are still being able to talk to friends online. Also homework is getting easier and i am able to get it done faster. So, a lot of things have gotten easier and I find it better to adjust to. This is an extra sentence i have to write because there has to be five sentences in this answer
2. Describe a time when you were playing outside since the “Stay at Home” went into effect. What did you do? What was the weather like? How did the outside time make you feel? 5 complete, detailed sentences
One of the things I did outside was I rode on my ripsitck. It was damp and it started raining but only after I finished going around the block. I felt really relaxed while I was going around the block and watched the birds and stuff. It was in the afternoon after lunch. and again I have to write this extra sentence because there isn’t anything else to tell
3. Describe one highlight and one “low-light” since your last blog post. 5 complete, detailed sentences.
Make sure to read the comment your teacher left for you after your first post during online learning.
I did not really have a low-light this week I know I will get a bad grade for not having five sentences about nothing. Wait maybe you can it would have to be some kind of poem or something.
March 20

corona blog post

My week was really boring. I emailed some friends and played with my legos. I also played video games and watched movies. The teachers sent in some assignments so did some homework. My highlights were that I got all my homework done. My lowlight are that I did not get to hang out with friends. My teachers already know that I finished my homework, so nothing.

January 28


Cataluña es un lugar que esta marcado como parte de España cuando debe ser su propio país. Algunas razones por eso son: 


  1. Cataluña tiene una cultura muy fuerte y antigua.

Las personas que viven en Cataluña hablan un lenguaje que es diferente que los otros lugares en España. Tienen sus propios tradiciones como hacer casteles. Esta es evidencia que es importante porque significa que Cataluña no siempre era parte de España. También dice que deben ser su propio país. Y siempre hablaban su propio lenguaje.


  1. En Cataluña vive 15% del población de España.

También 20% de la moneda que gana España viene de Cataluña. Esto significa que si eran su propio país podrían ganar suficiente moneda para todavía ser un país con suficiente moneda. Esto significa que van a tener una economía fuerte si se separan de España. Por esto creo que va a estar bien si Cataluña se separa de España.