storys of moses

Hi, My name is Ticky, I love blood. I’m having a good snack of lamb’s blood right now.  Oh no, pleases! I’m begging you.  I leap off the lamb.  The Israelite begin to slaughter the lamb. They took my snack and put its blood on the door frame of their house.  Then the Israelite ate the meat of the lamb and enjoyed bread with no yeast. That sounds nasty to a tick like me.

Lost in A Trail

by Josh Ribbens

Mom, why did you invite Jake over today you know i don’t like him like I used to?  “  moaned  Tom with an attitude while standing in the kitchen “well you should get back  together. You were best buddies” replied mom. “Oh fine I guess ok then we’ll go get him for a playdate”sighed Tom.  Mom smiled. “Are we going right away to creek park trails “ hollered Tom from downstairs. Mom hollered back “because I need my nature kit hey you reminded me we need our first aid kit too. “  Then Tom and his mother jumped in the van and soon after they were on the “front porch and rang the doorbell.  A dog was barking , they heard running footsteps and Jake opened the door while holding back a small puppy from coming out. Then Jake yelled “mom they’re here” “ok one minute “ then Mrs. Denise came out and talked with Mrs.Dexter for about fifteen minutes while the two moms were talking Tom and Jake were massing with the puppy and then Mrs.Denise yelled before they were out of the driveway have fun they yelled back we will.Then they were on there way there. Mrs.Dexter told the boys that were here.Then they jumped out of the car and ran to a map and Jake told Tom and Mrs.Dexter that he wanted the longest trail Tom wanted the trail with the most creeks they chose a trail and on the map the color of the trail line was light blue and Tom shouted race you to the start and Jake was breathing heavy and they required who won but it riley was a tie and Mrs.Dexter shouted hold up.

Then they waited for Miss .Dexter to catch up.

Then we played the game where you name a animal.

They found, two deer,six squirrels, one porcupine, fifteen birds.

Then they came to the first creek and they could go between a bush, tree stump or a tree.

They took off their shoes and felt the sand between their toes.

Suddenly a skunk popped out of the bush!

Then Jake turned around and trying to kick the skunk.

And he fell into the creek!

With a  big splash!

It scared the skunk and spray Miss. Dexter back.

and the skunk ran away.

Tom pick up Jake and they rast to the parking lot.

But they ran into a different trall not waiting for Miss. Dexter.

Tom and Jake ran until they ran out of breath.

Then they stoped thought for a minute.

And they took a long break.

And Jake stood up and took out a cigarette lighter and a piece of crumpled up paper.

He layed the piece of paper on the ground and lit it on fire.

Next to a pile of stick and leaves.

The fire was spreading! Tom yelled “ Why did you do that!”

Tom ran to a creek and saw a bucket and grabbed it and filled it with water. Then he climbed a tree and poured the water on the fire and fell backwards and he was knocked out cold and he started to bleed!

And Jake was terrified.

Meanwhile Miss. Dexter was calling out their names “ TOM JAKE!”

she called again saying “ this I not a joke!”

Then she check if they were hiding and she had no luck.

Then she jump into her car and drove to the trail rangers offices.

She went to the front desk meat a ranger at the front desk.

And  she cried “My son is lost with his friend and you need to help me now!”

Ranger Parker jump up and ran outside trying not to forget his keys.

Miss. Dexter was already starting her car.

Ranger Parker yelled “Miss! We are not taking that car we are taking this buggy so we can ride in the trills” Miss. Dexter ran to the buggy and they drove off to the trills.

They went to the parking lot of the trills and they ran to the map.

Miss . Dexter told him where they are.

and they went back to the buggy and took off.

they drove passed the first cree


They got stuck in the mud and they tried to get out but Ranger Parker hit the reverse switch!

The he hit the  gas and they went into the trail next to Jake and Tom.

Meanwhile jake was moaning to himself why did he make a fire and make tom get hurt.

Then he started to cry about he was cold and terrified and wanted to go home.


Ranger Parker ran into the stump that had the fire in it and he found him crying then they saw tom and miss.dexter ran to him and yelled Tom is hurt he is knocked out we need to get him to the hospital now and Jake come on wait I will call a abeliss. We heard sirens and the two man