Investing In Our Shake Shake Milkshake Company Will be a wise decision.

Investing In Our Shake Shake Milkshake Company Will be a wise decision.

By:Josh Ribbens, Evan Berghorst, and Myla Meyaard

Slogan: Our shake shake milkshake will give you a tasty  return

Are you always sweating and hot when you come in from recess? These milkshakes will COOL YOU OFF right after recess. Are company believes that investing in our shake shake milkshakes company would be a wise decision.

These are three great reasons why you should invest in our milkshakes, we get 54 cents for every milkshake we sell, kids love sweets like milkshakes, and we are supporting Abigail the Philippines to help her tuition so, she can go to school and learn about Jesus Christ.

Reason 1.

By investing in our milkshakes you have chosen a company which will give you a positive return on your investment! We will get a profit of 54 cents per milkshake that we sell. Our product is a low expense and a high profit. It only costs about 49$ to make 100 milkshakes and if we sell out (we are pretty sure we will.)We will make 100 dollars or maybe even more. We plan to sell our milkshakes for 1 dollar for an 8 ounce cup of our milkshakes that will razzle dazzle your taste buds.


Reason 2.

People will love are milkshakes because they can be Refreshing on a hot day. One time when I was babysitting my sibblings whent outside to play and when I told them to come in they were sweating and really hot. So when I asked them if they wanted a milkshake they said yes and when they tasted it they wanted more and when I said MAKE When kids are coming in from recess they look hot and are sweating and need a drink right away,thats whay are milkshakes would be a hit because market day is right after recess. When kids are hot and sweating they like cold refreshing things, like milkshakes! I guarantee that they will love are milkshakes! Also kids love sweats and sugar and most of all, ICE CREAM!

Reason 3.

We will send part of our profit to Abigail and her family. So she can go to Grace Christian Community School a school in the Philippines. The reason we are paying for her education is so she can have a Christian education where she can talk and learn about Christ. Because if she didn’t go to a Christian school and went to a public school there are going to be probably about 80 kids in a classroom there so she would probably share a room with all sort of grades. Also she would not be able to talk or learn about Christ. But at Grace Christian Community School there are about 60-80 kids going to their school so she would only be with 20 kids in a classroom with only 4th graders . We can send Abigail to school for about 450-500 dollars, for us are parents pay about 4,000-5,000 dollars for us to go to Zeeland Christian School. The reason we pay for her education is because her parents can’t afford to send her to a Christian Abigail is 9, and she is in the fourth grade just like us. Her parents can barely afford a house for them to live in. Here is a picture of Grace Community Christian School where she is going now.


We believe that if you invest in our Shake Shake Milkshake company you will get your money back for sure.We find the lowest ingredients and look for it on sale.This is a very promising and a true business with a 60 cent profit for every milkshake we sell. Kids will buy this because they will want a refreshing drink right after recess that is when Market Day is. Remember we get 60 cents for each milkshake we sell, kids love sweets like milkshakes, and we are supporting  Abigail in the Philippines. When she goes to Grace Community School she learns about Jesus Christ. We need 49$ to start our GREAT business and we will give you that money back plus 10% of that. Our milkshakes are really refreshing. Remember: Shake Shake Milkshake isn’t fake!