Paul was prepared to be an amazing missionary because of what he learned and where he came from. he had Roman citizenship and Jewish citizenship and he was trained to be a Pharisee and he was also really smart plus before Paul was Saul he persecuted Christians which makes it easier for him to show how to resist it and he was also a tent maker. God has prepared me to be a lover and follower of Christ ever since I was baptized.

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the project went really well and was very informed about what is happening all around the world. this project helps me learn and help me to teach others about what is happening. uzbekistan was my country and the government supports in the persecution of Christians which is terrible. uzbekistan has some of the worst human rights in the world. those rights include not treating women right. 


Our tower was amazingly terrible so thats why you should buy it. it is unstable looks like yellow teeth that ha a growth spurt. what didn’t go well was everything except the blueprint which are tower didn’t even look like. 


We created boats made out of Styrofoam, paper, Popsicle sticks and straws and other things. It was a fun project and are boat was fast the day before the race day then on race day it was on a angle and got stuck so we got d.n.f. which means did not finish. the after the first race we improved are boat so it would not get stuck and are next race we go 8.83 seconds. so the one thing i learned was after a failure improve and you will succeed.


I went to Las Vegas and visited the m&m factory see all the cool skyscrapers like trump tower. we also drove a slingshot witch is a supercar. we also went to a shelby auto show with actual race cars with sweat wraps and they made a battle bus wrap on a Mercedes van that was dope.

I went to my boat a lot. We tried to get the boat out of the water with our 50 foot trailer we painted and it was almost out water but we couldn’t get enough grip to pull it completely out. all the truck did after that was burn rubber.

the rest of my summer was playing basketball or video games


I didn’t know that all these people were so like isolated they don’t have phones they don’t have internet and the people who do are the wealthy people and the poor people don’t even have sowers or working toilets there are so many diseases that they people don’t have excess to meds.

while the world watched

There were a lot more acts of segregation violence than the children’s march in the civil rights movement. There are a lot more terrible acts what are not always told? There was a group of white and black integrationists swimming in the segregated hotel pool. Then the manager James Brock poured acid into the pool yelling I’m cleaning the pool yet they didn’t leave then a man jump in to try to clear them out Thankfully no one was hurt but all were arrested

Maryland may 13 1964

George Wallace was running for president at the time and campaigning on a segregation platform. Democratic primary election. His speech triggered protest the national guard used tear gas to break up the protest they used brutal force to separate them        

Rochester new york July 25 1964

This isn’t the first time the police and fireman turn fire hoses on and spread protester’s to quell the streets. The riots lasted several days.

Challenges as tourist and worker. It Was hard because you couldn’t get to the country you wanted to because of the borders and some worker were so slow. There were other ones who were stricted .There were long lines. money was key because if you are from Surtented countries you don’t have to pay as much or you have to pay a lot.

The benefit to each country the biggest benefit from my country was it was that they had to pass France to get to us. The Italians had to go to France and pay 8 dollars than to us 8 dollars then back through France.

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God calls me to do what he has planned for me. I will do it for he is my God my savior my father he will be with me for every step of his path. I call for him to get me through the struggles. God is calling for me to choose God’s way he will lead me. I will follow him because he has brought me out of my dessert through my Jordan river.he was with me the whole time.      

God has made a covenant with his people he will never break it but we can. Making a covenant it is like you are marrying someone. making a covenant with someone for the rest of your life. God is all he knows all and all pain will disappear when he comes again. God he knows when you’re breaking his covenant. These are not rules they are guidelines for his people.


Somethings rotten


have you ever told someone a rotten lie. what was not even close to the truth. Or doing something you know that you were never supposed to do and you do it anyway. Like Israel did when they worshiped other gods then Elijah speaks truth to power. The lesson doesn’t thrive for power or popularity don’t put others down to become known you are who God made you be.


Did you know your parents gave you your name? But they chose it maybe because of the meaning but maybe not. God did he gave you your name long before your parents were a life. It has meant it fits you. God has many names and the meaning only describe him. because he is all he means greatness he means humble he means love. He means life god is most important he is all of the powerful and great names yet he loves us and the name that fits us best is the name God didn’t give us sinner.   

this is a picture of my being describe visually


There is a time when you doubt God. it might be what you’re going through. You think you said god make me this way or don’t let this person die. Yet people die but there is a better place now. you are okay if sometimes you doubt God he lets you lean on his shoulder. when you’re feeling out of it. bring your sins to god bring pain to bring all you have to the lord everything to the lord. he took your burden off your shoulders he will forgive you for what you have done. you should be excited you should rejoice you have been forgiven. all your pain will disappear.


Our struggles become part of our story think of Moses and Joseph. Joseph had been thrown into a pit and sold he was a slave but God provided him. There are struggles and God gets you through them. I don’t think of my struggles in the past because those are painful. in my life. god makes them me struggles my strength. I am always going to have more of that kind of struggles. All the struggles that will stop me can’t stop the lord. For me, school is not that easy cause I can’t always do homework on the weekends that I needed to do but I still try to get it in on time.  


Israel wanted a king so god did something about it. The people wanted a Melek and God wanted a nagid a person who sticks by God’s law and keeps Israel from sinning but the Israelites just wanted power a war hero. A person who was driven by popularity and that is not what God wanted and after David died Israel was broken they stopped believing in god and started to worship idols. I say don’t thrive for power don’t put others down for populator there is no reason to do that.  you are who God made you be in his own image.


To me, it means the lord will be our light forever. Like he gave us a candle and we need to let it shine for the lord. But I also would describe that every sin is the devil take a breathing in air and blowing trying to make our light disappear. but we have been inching closer to God’s kingdom. his light the light will burn not only burn it will shine. the lord will come is coming closer he is here. Lord let the light burn within us let us show that you are here not with our words but our actions.  



i think we are reckless we took there home and made are own we locked them up or killed them and now we put them in north dakota and then put there children in bording school and made them learn our language and beat them if they were bad and sometime kill them and rarley went home cause we made them work and the kids could have been old or really young they did deserve that they deserve a thank you for letting us live here in there homes

living on a dollar a day

living on a dollar a day

To think thats how they have to live. just having to think thats how they live hurts cause. i need to think about all the resourse that i waste a lot of things. not thiking that people don’t have everything i do like money and food and school. i have different thoughts about school that i get to go to school.  and even better i get to go to a chirstian school. i real want to be more concerive of my resourse.

The Hard But Right way

The Hard But Right way

Josh Ribbens

Have you ever read a story that changed your life? Here is a book that I think  could change your life like it has mine. The book is Dangerous  Journey. The Hard But Right way is suggested in the book, Dangerous Journey.  You should not give up on the hard things in life because God isn’t going to let go of you. The Hard But Right way may include carrying your burden of sin, but the Burden of sin come off at the site of the cross. God will lead you to heaven. On the  Hard But Right way God equips me for the battles that I face. When I trust in him I will survive. He will hold my hand like he held Christian’s.


The Hard But Right way.

Don’t give up when things are hard in life, because God isn’t going to let you go. In my life I know that I have a heavenly father who loves me and protects me. I also had a burden of sin, which was removed at the cross.  Christian went to  get his burden off his back by following the advice of  worldly wise man. He thought that would be the easy life, but God didn’t let that happen. The only way to have the burden of sin removed was to see the Cross and trust God for forgiveness.


The Hard But Right way

God equips me for the battles that I face. When we trust in him we will survive. He will hold your hand like he held Christians. God rescued Christian during his battle with Apollyon. I know that God will rescue me when Satan come to attach or revenge me.


Through the battles God will do anything to help you to get through the hard but right way. You would get through the hard things because God isn’t going to let go of you. The burdens of sin come off at the cross. This is the point of this essay. We can’t give up on the hard things in life and just  take the easy life.  Is that really what you want to do the rest of your life? Don’t give up! You will regret taking it easy trust me you will.