Honduras #2

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los pasatiempos –fútbol, tennis, pescando, colectó agua y nadar

comidas populares esta –Pinchos Americanos, tacos, y empanadas


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El país es Honduras, el capital de Honduras es Tegucigalpa. Los Colores de la bandera son azul y blanco. Honduras está en Central america.Océano Pacífico y Mar Caribe. Los países que le tocan  son Nicaraguas, El salvador y Guatemala. besan y dan la mano

avoiding temptation

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if you want to know ways to avoid temptation then i’ll tell you. you can read the bible more some verses are James 1:13-18, you can pray about it, and you can put on the armer of God

Jesus A Refugee

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if I had to flee my home I would be sad but I would move to china and I would stay there until it’s safe to go back because I won’t be able to stand them going Ching Chong wing Wong. this relates to Jesus because Jesus became a Refugee


Narnia Christian Themes

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Here is one christian theme from Narnia in horse and his boy 1.Aslan is like God because in Narnia everyone say’s he’s the God of Narnia because in the nephews uncle Aslan made Narnia.  real size

the legacy I want to leave behind

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the legacy I want to leave behind is just that I go to the university of Michigan and be the best wide receiver and quarterback in the History of collage football

I love my Grandparents

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I love my Grandparents. they are vary special to me because they take grate care of me. the reson I love them is because they are the best grandparents I could ever have

my favorite memory with grandpa and grandma Jan and Jon was when we planted and then brought the pumpkin’s to the confrincgronds                                                                                                                                                     

my favorite memory with grandpa and grandma vanappledorn was when we went on wagon rides

food web- freshwater marsh

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Food web

3 rd Grade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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3 rd grade

3rd grade is awesome

3 rd grade is  fun.


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spring! spring! a wonderful thing. people shout all over

the town. church bells ring ding, ding, ding. sweet smells fill the air.

egg are hide. The word is spread.That JESUS saved are sins. Time for a hunt.

The whole world dashes abut.

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