Temes of The Old Testament


 A covenant is a promise God makes with his people, it is like a deal or contract. One of the covenants that God made with his people was with Abraham, Abraham was promised to be a great nation, and now he is. One other one was when God said to Noah that he will never flood the earth again. There are two types of covenants conditional and unconditional, conditional is where both sides have to keep the bargain but an unconditional is where the more powerful side has to keep its side. One visual aid that I chose is a wedding ring, a wedding ring is an example of a conditional covenant.

Themes of the old testament #1

Slide of destruction

Israel had one good king but they did not listen to that king, instead, they went to bail, bail was one of the Phoenicians gods. After the Israelites went over to bail they got attacked by the Assyrians and the Assyrians scattered them. In Israel, the kings worshiped on power and they did almost anything to get it. We need to follow the prophets in our lives so that we do not end up like the Israelites who did not follow God. when I think of this I think of a little kid sitting at the top of a slide, the kid can just climb down the steps to the bottom just like we can just follow God. the kid can also go down the slide just like we can go down the slide of mistakes that will lead us further from God.

Themes of the old testament #2



God called Abraham to follow him to another land and Abraham did, dragging his feet. God also called Isaac and Jacob and they also followed with their dragging their feet. Still, to this day God calls us to follow him but we just drag our feet like Abraham Isaac and Jacob. Sometimes you need to stop and ask yourself does my life look like I am someone who is listening, and will follow what God says. My visual for this is a map, I choose a map because God called people all over the map. I feel like God is calling me but I don’t know what he is calling me to do yet.

Honduras #5

en la  escuela hay es un gimnasio, el gimnasio es mucho gusta nuestros

en la esquela hay es un Biblioteca,  biblioteca es mucho gusta nuestros

en la esquela hay es un oficino de dorector. el oficino de dorector es pecino

Honduras #4

Los  Primeros seis anos  de Escuela primarea  no nesesitas pagar. traes classes esta educasion phsica, biblioteca y salud. solo tines nueve anos de escuela. solo hay once universiddades en Honduras.                                                         

ellos van a la escuela a las siete de la manana y redgresan a las uno de la tarde.

ellos comen a los sesenta y media de la noche.

Honduras #3

  Maynor Figueroa

Maynor Figueroa ser nasido en el 2 de mayo 1983. el guso de Maynor Figueroa esta juga futball.Maynor Figueroa ganar 3 golden cups.


Porfirio Lobo Sosa

Porfirio Lobo Sosa ser nasido en el 22 de desembre 1947. el es la presedinte de honduras de 2010 a 2014. el es General de el ejercito.

Satcha Pretto

Satcha Prettona ser nasido 5 de abril 1981. ella ganar una emmy de la revista. ella papa morire en 1996


El país es Honduras, el capital de Honduras es Tegucigalpa. Los Colores de la bandera son azul y blanco. Honduras está en Central america.Océano Pacífico y Mar Caribe. Los países que le tocan  son Nicaraguas, El salvador y Guatemala. besan y dan la mano

Jesus A Refugee

if I had to flee my home I would be sad but I would move to china and I would stay there until it’s safe to go back because I won’t be able to stand them going Ching Chong wing Wong. this relates to Jesus because Jesus became a Refugee