The Lords Prayer


Lead us no into temptation but delver us from evil.

The reason I chose this this part because we need to be lead away form satin and temptation and delver us from satin. He is stronger than Satin. When God comes again he will defeat satin.


4 Comments zu “The Lords Prayer”

  1. jcross19
    13.05.14 9:12 am        Reply

    Great job Joel! You made a very good point. 🙂

    • jvanderploeg19
      13.05.14 9:15 am        Reply


  2. Andrew S.
    13.05.14 10:09 am        Reply

    Good job joel, one thing… satin is spelled satan.

    • jvanderploeg19
      22.05.14 9:45 am        Reply



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