New Friends


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New Friend’s




       “But mom I don’t want to move. I don’t want to move to a new community. I just made a lot of friends now you’re making me leave them” said Aren.

“Yes we have to move for my job but if you want you don’t want to move you can stay here by yourself” said Aren’s mom.

So when we moved I had to go to a new school. The first day was the worst. I spilled my milk and it stained the floor and all the kids laughed at me.The second day no one looked at me not even the person named Jase who sits next to me.

Then the next day when Aren was eating lunch Jase came up to him and said “Want to be my friend because when I first came to this school noone wanted to be my friend so I know how you feel so shell we be my friend?”

Aren said “Yes I will be your friend.” So Aren and Jase played together after school and when Jace went home Aren was happier then ever. Aren was happy to go back to school the next day.

It’s better to move with a friend Then your self. When you move you will make a new friend believe me.

spelling words in sentences


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My wife is funny.

There is a mouse in our house.

I have three knives in my room.

I have seen a deer in my back year.

There are mice in my room.

My mom has three loaves of bread.

Once I saw six geese flying over me.

The wives where getting mad.

Theres a goose right there.

Theres a loaf of bread on my mom’s contour.

Theres a lot of sheep over there!

When my mom was cleaning the floor I was watching tv.

I was playing in the leaves out side.

I could hear a wolf howling when the was a full moon.

Black Thunder Mine


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Black Thunder Mine

by Kaiden Cook

Thunder Basin Coal Company

5669 Highway 450

Wright, WY

In 2007, the mine produced 86,196,275 short tons (78.2 million metric tonnes) of coal.The purpose of the black thunder mine is so they can get coal


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