African Union Day


Posted by kcook22 | Posted in Culture Blog | Posted on May 26, 2017

2 issues that were debated were equal human rights and government rights. I think in a country with a strong government that takes over would be good with government rights. It’s always good when people are all treated the same. The thing I enjoyed was the part where we could ask questions and see why there idea was best. The hardest part about the whole thing was when we had to go in front of the class and present what we brain stormed.



Posted by kcook22 | Posted in Culture Blog | Posted on May 4, 2017

Little Boy: He did not like the South Africa rugby team. He didn’t even want to wear a jersey other wise he would get beat up by the other kids. At the end he was cheering with the cops for the South Africa team. They ended up winning so he was very exited. He also cheered with the cops and they ended up picking him up and cheering with him when South Africa won the world champions game.

Nelson M. Leader: He was in jail for 26 years in a tinny jail cell. He was released and became the president. He was nice to both black and white people. The rugby team won because he encouraged them. He loved watching his team.

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