God at Work

In Bible we have been studying Saul/Paul and his ministry. There are so many things in his past that helped him in his ministry. For example he had a Roman citizenship. Back then that was a big deal. So when people got mad at him or they thought he waS doing something wrong he could say¬† ‘I have a roman citizenship’ and they would back off. He also knew many languages. So that why if he went somewhere that spoke a different language it wouldn’t matter because he could probably speak it. So that was probably a big help. He was also trained to be a Pharisee.Which meant he had a lot of knowledge of the scripture and Tora.So when he sent out as a new christian, he already knew a lot of scripture. He was a missionary to the gentiles.

God placed us with some foster kids last august and they had a really big impact on my life. THe fact that there life and there past has been so hard affected our family. I definitely want to do foster care in the future. I have a feeling that the placed them with us for a reason. They dont understand whats going on so when they got placed with their forever family they where probably expecting to go to a new house sooner or later. Since that’s just how it worked for them. But someday i hope i get to see them again and see them as the grow up. I hope to see them walk in faith with christ as they grow. They mean so much to me and my family.

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