God at Work

In Bible we have been studying Saul/Paul and his ministry. There are so many things in his past that helped him in his ministry. For example he had a Roman citizenship. Back then that was a big deal. So when people got mad at him or they thought he waS doing something wrong he could say  ‘I have a roman citizenship’ and they would back off. He also knew many languages. So that why if he went somewhere that spoke a different language it wouldn’t matter because he could probably speak it. So that was probably a big help. He was also trained to be a Pharisee.Which meant he had a lot of knowledge of the scripture and Tora.So when he sent out as a new christian, he already knew a lot of scripture. He was a missionary to the gentiles.

God placed us with some foster kids last august and they had a really big impact on my life. THe fact that there life and there past has been so hard affected our family. I definitely want to do foster care in the future. I have a feeling that the placed them with us for a reason. They dont understand whats going on so when they got placed with their forever family they where probably expecting to go to a new house sooner or later. Since that’s just how it worked for them. But someday i hope i get to see them again and see them as the grow up. I hope to see them walk in faith with christ as they grow. They mean so much to me and my family.

Kenyan Persecution

The past few weeks we have been learning about persecution in different countries.My group had to do research on Kenya. 70%of Kenyans are Christians. There have been so many persecution stories and one of the major ones was 5 men, 2 were policemen, were killed because they were Christians. We had people come around and look at our presentation. One lady told us about her friends that lived in Kenya. He lived there and because Christians through going to church once with his friends. After his parents found out he was Christian they put poison in his tea and the Holy Spirit told him not to drink it. So he is still alive because he listenedto the Holy Spirit. 

Theme Writing


Theme Writing

Lost in Love

This is love:not that we loved God but that he loved us and sent his son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins. Dear friends since God so loved us we also ought to love one another

1 John 4:10-11


There are many ways we can show love to people. We don’t always take the opportunity to do so. So now if our chance to start something.You are never too young to make a difference. It could we at school of it could be out of the country. It doesn’t matter where to you are. We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world.

School is not one of the easiest places to love people. But you can make it work. You could wave at little kids. That makes their day. They look up to us. You can just kindly pick up someone’s pencil when they drop it. It’s not that hard. Other times it’s harder to love people that you don’t like. But simply just being kind to them is enough sometimes. They are little kids they look up to us and when we simply say hi they see that the people they look up to are talking to the and being nice. When I was little I thought it was the coolest thing when an older kid said hi to me And sooner or later they will start being nice to you.All it take is a simple act of love.

Our world has a problem with love. We can never all get along at the same time. Someone is always fighting someone else. Why can we all love each other. We have to start. You are never too young or old. Raise money for people in country that need the most help. Why can’t we make a difference! We are to scared! Lets face it! We don’t know what people will think of us. We ourselves question like: I don’t know, is God calling me to do this. God ALWAYS wants us to do the right thing. But we don’t always do it. What will other people think of me? We are always asking that question! What will they think of me, will i be enough. You are always enough for God. If you think that going to another country to spread the word of jesus is a good idea, then do it! They more you think about what other people will think the less likely you are to do it. We are always asking our selves these questions. Why can’t we just do it? We are to scared. We know we want to! But we dont know if its the right thing to do.

We can show our theme, Lost in Love, to others in our school and to people in the world.Now all you have to do is put these things into action. It may seem hard at first but, it becomes easier. All you have to do it be the one to start it


Beginning of Year Reflections

One thing I enjoyed this year is worship team. Its time for us to unwind and just hangout together(in a calm way) We all enjoy it and we get along. I also enjoy Social Studies. Since we have been put in groups we need to work together. So this is some what of a way for us to get to know each other and to learn to get along. One thing i have learned it that we need to learn to get along better. We all try to talk at once and don’t listen to each other. We all want to be in charge. So that is one thing we need to get better at. I also learned that Mrs. Roskamp is always right(so far) I didn’t think that i was going to like the book The Outsiders. But I really learned a lot from it. One thing i am looking forward to is getting to be a leader. When I was little I thought it would be so cool to be one of those kids. And now I am.

Boat Races

Yesterday we accomplished the goal of getting first place! Whoot Whoot. Our boat have been doing really good. So i dont feel like we need to make any changes. But if you really had to i think we would make the sail taller. I hope we come in first again today! A+ here we come!

My Summer

This Summer i went camping a lot. I went to Tennessee. We stayed at Anchor Down RV Resort. Our lot over looked the Smoky Mountains. We went zip lining at climb works. There are nine zip lines that zig zag through the Smokies. On your way down one the the last ones you have to yell on the top of your lungs so that the people at the top who are taking pictures get scared or freak out. We also went to the Hatfield and Mccoy dinner Feud. There was fighting dancing music and a whole lot of southern accents. We went to a place called Wonder Works, where they have all this crazy stuff.

Model African Union Day

Identify 2+ issues that were debated in trying to impact the democracies 

Education and Voting rights

~Do you think these would make a positive difference?

Yes I do. The more educated people are the more they know. And the more they know the more job opportunities because people will be starting new businesses.With voting rights if you want more people to vote you need it to be free because then more people will come and vote.

What did you enjoy?

The fact that we got to interact will everyone and experience everything

What was the hardest part of this project

Being a Republic country. We didn’t get to make a resolution with anyone because we aren’t for it.





The Secret Service didn’t get along at first. The blacks wanted nothing to do with the whites, and the whites wanted nothing to do with the blacks. But as the movie goes on they start to get along. They end up playing Rugby together in the yard. Nelson Mandela was the one to start it all. In the beginning I was thinking, How could Rugby bring a country together? The thing is, when you see how the kids reacted to the players coming. They only knew the black guy on the team. but in the end, they wanted to play with all of them not just the black guy.They little Boy we barely saw. He was from a homeland. he went to the game. He listened to the game with the cops and celebrated as well. I noticed that a game can really bring a country together. Its not just a game.

Fiestas en Nicaragua

Día de la fuerza aérea

NO necesito regalos! Esta una fiesta tranquilo.


Día del ejército

Los chicas y chicos están ayudando los personas necesitado. No es un secreto.

Fiesta de Santiago

Nosotros estamos celebrando la fiesta de Santiago. Muchos colores rojo, azul, verde y amarillo.


Image result for Fiesta de Santiago

Batalla de san jacinto

Los ellos recrear el batalla. Los chicos están celebrando la fiesta de batalla de san Jacinto.

El día de la independencia

Los ellas están bailando. Nosotros celebrar El Dia de la Independencia.


The Eagle Hunteress

Response to the Film:

I think that is was a great film showing girls that they can do more than they think. Just because it is an all male sport/event doesn’t mean you can try to do some of the things they can. She tried to do the best she can  in what she did. When she first said that she wanted to I thought her father would turn her down. But I was wrong. He said it was a great idea to keep it running in the family. But they talked to the elders about it they said no which I found to be a surprise because they could be expanding the range of food they are getting. Getting girls to follow through with there dreams of doing something men mostly do it a step up because men look down on women most of the time because they don’t think they can handle what they do.

Response to the Article:

I think that it could have been staged because some of it looked a bit fake. but if they say it not I guess I’m will have to take their word for it. I think it would have been hard to film that in the moment. I mean it all happened so fast. They must have some great photographers. When they show how it all happened it kind of reminds me what I am able to do. I dont have to do just girly things. I can play sports that boys might be better at. As long as a work hard at it I can do it.


Saugatuck Film Festival

Solar System: 

How is our earth floating in nothing?

I think it would we cool to see how faraway they really are on a scale.

I thought it was cool that you could see them all in motion.

How did they figure out how far away there where?

How far away did they have to go to see the whole picture?

Running Wild

I thought it was cool that they got to run and check all these sites where wolverines might have been along with other animals.

The people who had to run have run 100 mile races;

Are the wolverines returning to Utah?

How many are there left?

Are they on the verge of going extinct .

Canyon Song:

Whats with all the spirits??

Why do they call out to the spirits

How did he go from Native to Christian to native again

They free Canyons because they can be themselves and let loose and be part of there old tribe

Why do they have to do a prayer because the check the corn to see if its good

Possible Jobs:

Camera man

Film maker

Rock climmer


Cliff Bar executive


Beauty Pageants organizer

Person that makes surf boards


Person that works for National Geographic



Wild life explorer/



Casas de Mi País

La Casa es muy bonita. La mesa es blanko. quatro sillas de café. El refrigeradora es blanko. Yo estoy cansado in La Cocina.  Yo estoy hambre. Un jardín después de la patio.  La patio es muy verde. Yo estoy cansada en la patio y mi jardín.



La casa es rojo. La mesa es rojo y la sillas es rojo. Un lampara. Una sofa es verde.; Yo estoy contenta en la salla. Tu estas mal en mi salla? Molly esta cansada en me salla


J.P. Visit

  1. Culture for him must have been hard because he had to get used to all the things that we do here

2. Food! JP said they are vegetarians in India. So that means that all the meat here was very different for him.

3. Clothes are very different. A dress shirt and dress pants where normal for him. Sweats are normal for us.

4. He had a rough time getting here. When we was getting his Visa i would have been freaking out because of the lady.

5. He speaks 6 different languages!! There not all fluent but he can speak them.


Living on a Dollar

I felt selfish when they said they lived on 1-2 dollars a day. We spend maybe up to $100 a day. They have to find and save what they need. most of them don’t have a job. They work ing the fields. I learned you don’t need everything. We can live with what we got. We dont need the best thing out there we just need food, water and shelter. I wonder what it would be like to go there myself. If i could go i would try my best to speck Spanish and if i don’t speck that well then i would bring a friends who could. I wish i could help. I would like to go there because it would be a great expires for me and it would impact my life.