J.P. Visit

  1. Culture for him must have been hard because he had to get used to all the things that we do here

2. Food! JP said they are vegetarians in India. So that means that all the meat here was very different for him.

3. Clothes are very different. A dress shirt and dress pants where normal for him. Sweats are normal for us.

4. He had a rough time getting here. When we was getting his Visa i would have been freaking out because of the lady.

5. He speaks 6 different languages!! There not all fluent but he can speak them.


Living on a Dollar

I felt selfish when they said they lived on 1-2 dollars a day. We spend maybe up to $100 a day. They have to find and save what they need. most of them don’t have a job. They work ing the fields. I learned you don’t need everything. We can live with what we got. We dont need the best thing out there we just need food, water and shelter. I wonder what it would be like to go there myself. If i could go i would try my best to speck Spanish and if i don’t speck that well then i would bring a friends who could. I wish i could help. I would like to go there because it would be a great expires for me and it would impact my life.

The Image Group

January 6, 2015 We had the opportunity to visit the Image Group! We got to meet people that make commercials, billboards, and logos.We are making commercials for are colonies and we need to know how to make one in order to make a commercial. They told us no false advertising, you will need photographers, and good information.

Are research has been going well. 🙂 We found out the funder of Rhode Island, what they eat ,and what they fish for.They a wonderful spot near the ocean. 

Our audience is for those fishermen who what to catch lobster, clams,and for people who just want to just fish…. for fish! 

I have been thinking about our logo for Rhode Island. I have a few ideas. Here is a picture that shows my ideas:

My group is doing a commercial. I was thinking that we should put are logo. Then we would do some acting. At the very end I think we should do are lo go and our tag line under it.