A week in review: February 19-22

I am so looking forward to this next week and thinking that we may have 5 days! It has been a long time. I feel like this week went well and that things went well with the substitute for the two days I was gone. It was very exciting watching my daughter swim but I missed all the kids and am so looking forward to Monday!

Important Dates:

  • February 26: 100 Day
  • February 28: No PM Elementary Bus
  • March 1: No PM bussing
  • March 5: Optional Parent Teacher Conferences

A Few Additional Reminders:

100th Day is this Tuesday and I can hardly believe it has finally arrived! We will be doing lots of fun activities that day to celebrate the number 100! One thing we will be doing is dressing up like super heroes! Mr. McAboy will be dressing up like Zero the Hero that day and surprising us in our room as well! Please feel free to use anything you have at your home to make your child into a super hero, be creative and have fun! Do not stress about this as all of your children are super heroes already! We just want this to be a fun day for the kids!

March 5 is Optional Parent Teacher Conferences please email by Thursday, February 28 to let me know what you would like to focus on during our conferences-social, emotional, or academic. Thank you in advance!

Just a reminder that library is on Wednesdays. Lately we have been missing quite a few books and library just isn’t as fun when we can’t get new books!


Bible: This week we studied the Lord’s Prayer and made a little book to remind us of it. This coming week we will begin studying about the miracles of Jesus.

Word Wall Word: my

Daily 5: This week the students should each have one new book in their bag. We also added a different activity to our word work portion of Daily 5, putting three letter words together in consonant vowel consonant format. Please continue to practice their word wall words and blending cards and as always keep reading with them!

Phonics: This week we worked on listening to words in consonant vowel consonant format and tried to figure out the beginning, middle and end sounds. We also played a little game to reinforce our knowledge of syllables.

Math: We worked on learning different ways to make ten by grouping 10 crayons into different amounts and then making math equations.

Writing: We are continuing to write pattern books. This week we specifically talked about where to finish your sentence when you run out of room at the end of a line. (return sweep)

Engaging God’s World: We are continuing our study of motion. This week we used different sizes and shapes of balls and experimented with how they moved and what affected that movement. We are continuing to learn new positional words as we study as well; words such as under, over, behind etc.

Handwriting: I and T

Up In Lights: This week Ellie Dekker was Up in Lights. Her mom and dad came and shared about her and her sisters also came to have lunch with her. Ellie has a smile that lights up our classroom and we are so blessed she is a part of our class!

Up In Lights: Last week the Up in Lights portion of my newsletter somehow got deleted so I wanted to share about Dylan Stewart as well! His mom came to share about him and then his dad brought him lunch along with his two brothers! Dylan’s fun spirit is an amazing part of our class and we are so blessed to have him as well!

Afternoons: This week we were able to get back into a bit more normal pattern with our afternoons including Daily 5, math centers, art, recess, quiet time and play time. It is so nice to have our entire class all day on Tuesday and Thursday!!!

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