Invictus Reflection


Posted by lculver22 | Posted in Uncategorized | Posted on May 4, 2017

One thing that was cool was the little boy who was getting at the church getting free clothes. A lady tried to give him a Springbok jersey but he refused it and ran out of the church because to him it represented apartheid. Then later on in the world cup final he was listening on the radio with the cops and then he celebrated when the Springboks won. He is beliefs were definitely changed and that was a cool representation on how South Africa as a whole was effected. Another representation was Mandela’s bodyguards, at first they didn’t like each other and they didn’t get along. But then they got closer and were doing things like playing rugby together, they ended up realizing that someone’s skin color doesn’t define their personality. Mandela came about bringing South Africa together in a perfect way. He changed his own beliefs and through Francois, the training camps the Springboks held, and when they played well it brought everyone together. It was cool how Mandela constantly wanted the best for his country. He couldn’t sleep until his country was a country for everyone, no matter what skin color.

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