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How I Grew in the What if? Project

In the past few weeks we have been doing a project on how to make a really good park for all ages in down town Zeeland. The park had to be¬†accessible¬†and safe. We just read a Bible passage about David and Goliath. David killed Goliath with only a stone and a sling. David used his […]

Making “Rocks”

For our science project, we made “rocks”. Well, we didn’t make REAL rocks! That would take about 1,000 years! We made sedimentary rocks out of crayon. We shredded all kinds of crayons and put all the shredded crayon into some tin foil and wrapped it all up and then put “extreme pressure” on it. Then […]

Making the New Downtown Zeeland Park

When we decided to start this project for school, we had split the whole entire 6th grade into three different groups and went to three different studios. I went to on called JCI (Johnson Controls Incorporation). They design and build all kinds of cars! But we weren’t there to learn how to design cars, we […]

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