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Using math in real life

In math class, I learned how to solve equations with rational numbers. Let’s say you have to paint your house. You can paint 2/5 of the house in one work day. How long will it take until 3 houses have been painted? 2/5 one day 4/5 two days 1 1/5 three days 1 3/5 four […]


Yesterday, the entire eighth grade at Zeeland Christian School went to go bowling. It was really fun to go bowling during my last year at Zeeland Christian. I was happy because I got to bowl with my best friends and I didn’t have to worry about getting the highest score, but I just had fun […]

Metaphor Writing

I am a mountain.      I am climbing up the mountain. I have had some trials in my life. In South Dakota, I had a skin disease when I was born. At the time, my parents didn’t have much money, but they still bought a special machine to help the disease go away and […]

Jesus’ Crucifixion

For the past few days, my class has been learning about Jesus’ crucifixion and his last words. The phrases he said as he was dying was about compassion, completion, forgiveness, hope, humanity, obedience, and trust. I think sometimes we forget to show each of these things to others.

Word Problem

For blog day, I will make up my own word problem and find the solution and explain it: Use the equation and table to make a graph of the depth of the submarine. A submarine is diving at 2o mph. The depth is for d = -20 m , d meaning depth and m meaning number […]

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