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Wind Erosion

For the past couple weeks, my science class has been working on a class project on different types of erosions. My group did it on how wind erodes the ground. There are all kinds of things that happen during wind erosion such as abrasion. Abrasion is when particles rub against each other to wear it […]

Spaghetti / Marshmallow Towers

Over the past few days, our science class has been working on a project about building towers made of only spaghetti and marshmallows. My group had a good blue-print, but we didn’t have much “money” left (Our teacher gave us a limit to how much stuff we could use). Once we started building it, it was […]

Word Problem

For blog day, I will make up my own word problem and find the solution and explain it: Use the equation and table to make a graph of the depth of the submarine. A submarine is diving at 2o mph. The depth is for d = -20 m , d meaning depth and m meaning number […]

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