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Wind Erosion

For the past couple weeks, my science class has been working on a class project on different types of erosions. My group did it on how wind erodes the ground. There are all kinds of things that happen during wind erosion such as abrasion. Abrasion is when particles rub against each other to wear it […]

Science Volcanoes

For the past couple weeks, my class has been working on making volcanoes. My group worked on a volcano that was supposed to look like the volcano Krakatoa. It didn’t really stay up because we added too much oil. I learned a lot about volcanoes, and how the type of eruption dependes on the type […]

Making “Rocks”

For our science project, we made “rocks”. Well, we didn’t make REAL rocks! That would take about 1,000 years! We made sedimentary rocks out of crayon. We shredded all kinds of crayons and put all the shredded crayon into some tin foil and wrapped it all up and then put “extreme pressure” on it. Then […]

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