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Activities with my family!

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We have 6 people/pets in my family. I have a amazing mother, a dad that always wants to help me. I have a brother named Aiden and a sister named Audrey (their twins). My brother and sister are both of 7 years old. I can’t forget my dog her name is Lucy. And Me! we do a lot of activities but there mostly in the summer. In summer we do a lot of fun things like go camping. We camp with my cousin and my grandparents. It’s so fun!! When we camp we usually go to Ottawa beach. My siblings and I like to build/dig with the sand. Another activity is when the end of summer comes we like to go to Great Wolf Lodge or Boyne Mountain. The orange drop slide at boyne is really creepy. Boyne is probably our favorite place. My siblings and I love the arcade. The water park there is really fun too. Activities with my family are really fun.

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