April 21

Little House in the Big Woods

I chose Papa for the character I am going to write about.  Outside characteristics of Papa are: he has dark brown hair with a long beard, he likes to hunt, he likes to eat meat,  and he plays the fiddle.  Inside characteristics of Papa are:  he loves his wife and 3 girls, he is hard working, he is gentle and kind.

I am like Papa because I love to eat meat.  I am not like Papa because I do not have dark hair or a beard, and I am not a boy.

Little House: Little House 4-Book Box Set: Little House in the Big Woods, Farmer Boy, Little House on the Prairie, on the Banks of Plum Creek (Paperback)

March 11


I learned tat nobody chose fall but 5 people chose summer how many would have chose spring or summer.

3 people chose chocolate and 2 people chose marble.

December 20

My Gifts for Baby Jesus


I would bring baby Jesus a soft and fuzzy blanket to keep him warm because they did not have a blanket to keep him warm.  A fun and cuddly teddy bear that he could play and cuddle  with while his Mom and Dad were busy.  I would also bring him some disposable diapers and wipes so that Mary and Joseph could have an easier life especially when travelling.  Lastly, I would bring him lots of hugs and kisses because I love him so much.


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December 17


The angels told the shepherds to not be afraid, and they told them that Jesus was going to be born in Bethlehem.  The angels were praising God and giving glory to him for Jesus.  The angels told the shepherds to go and see this thing that has happened and to tell others of the good news.  Focusing on the angels helps me grow in my faith because they remind me that I need to praise Jesus more.  Also, it helps to make Christmas more meaningful because Christmas is a time to celebrate Jesus’ birth, just like the angels did.


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December 10


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1.I love mm’s .   2.I like cookies with mm’s in them.      3.I like monster cookies with chocolate chip’s in them.                     4. I love chocolate  so much.