God’s Covenant with Israel and us

We are part of God’s old testament covenant with Israel because Jesus died for all of us. I mean when God sent out Paul to testify about Jesus to the world about him, you would THINK that it’s okay for Gentiles to have that covenant to, RIGHT!!!  And they are selling Bibles to the world, do you think God would allow that if it wasn’t okay?

5th Grade Social Studies Unit 2 PBL (Project Based Learning)

Question One: Why did merchants want to get to the east so badly?

Answer: Because they needed to get supplies from over there (mainly spices like salt or pepper.

Question Two: Why couldn’t traders take the land route any more?

Answer: Because the Turkish (the people from Turkey wouldn’t let them through there land, and it takes a LONG time to take the route through Russia.

Question Three: Share some information about the two explorers you studied.

Answer: The first one was Juan Ponce de Leon, who discovered what is know Florida was 4’11. I know something medical wise was the reason that they were SUPER short (I mean like REALLY short. I’M taller than him. Quote the title for my age.) Then the second one, Amerigo Vespucci, landed al little higher north than Juan and SOMEHOW got stinkin’ ‘MERICA after him. Wish I could do that.

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