Newsletter 19: Week of February 18

Weekly Highlights

I’m thankful for another great week with your children! We reflected on God’s love for us and our love for each other as we celebrated Valentines Day. We made a class book about different ways we can spread God’s love. Thank you, again, to those of you who helped us celebrate by donating supplies, running centers, and helping your child bring valentines to pass out.

Important Dates

  • February 19: Field trip to For the Kidz Gymnastics.
    • Please send along a booster seat if you are able (if your child doesn’t ride the bus).
    • Children should dress in comfortable clothes and wear socks. We will be moving a lot!
  • February 19: Next opportunity to add afternoons (optional)
  • February 26: 100th Day of School- see reminders section
  • March 5: PT conferences in the evening (optional)
  • March 14: Joel Tanis, a local author, will visit for our Young Authors event
  • March 31: Baby Izenbaard’s Due Date 🙂


Transitional Schedules: Tuesday, February 19 is the next opportunity to add afternoons to your child’s schedule if you’d like. Please let me know asap if you plan to make a change. Adding time is optional this time. The next opportunity to make a change will be April 10 when everyone will begin to attend on Wednesday afternoons.

Conferences: If you’d like to schedule a conference with me for the evening of March 5, please let me know asap. Check your inbox for the instructions on how to sign up for a time slot. Thank you1

100 Day: Zero the Hero (secretly Mr. McAboy) will be visiting our school to help us celebrate 100 days of learning! We will not have a  class party, but will be doing a few fun literacy and math activities. God has been so good these 100 days! We are going to celebrate by dressing up like super heroes! Feel free to be creative by making a cape or using one you already have and think of a special super power 🙂 Perhaps a special gift or talent God has blessed your child with. Have fun!

Raising Money for the Philippines: This special project is focused on loving others and supporting our sponsor student from the Philippines. I hope it leads to lots of great conversations. If your child is choosing to participate, please turn in the hearts paper and money at the end of the month.


Bible: Everyone said their verse to me for a certificate this week and we began our unit on miracles. We started with Jesus Calming the Storm. Below is our new Bible verse:

Miracles Bible Verse: Pidan, y se les dará; busquen, y encontrarán; llamen, y se les abrirá. Mateo 7:7

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock and the door will be opened to you.” Matthew 7:7

Literacy: This week we helped “Victoria la vaquera” (Victoria, the cowgirl) round up her vacas (cows) by looking for the vacas with the letter Vv in their names. In grammar we played with a puppet and learned about the tú (2nd person singular) form of verbs.

  • Reading strategy: Visualizing
  • Read aloud: Los patitos
  • Vocabulary words
    • cruzar (to cross)
    • la orilla (shore)
    • el jardín (garden)
    • los patitos (ducks)
    • los cacahuetes (peanuts)
    • la isla (island)
    • la laguna (pond)
    • la responsabilidad (responsibility)
  • Word wall word: voy (I’m going)
  • Phrase of the week: Hoy es ___. (Today is ___.)
  • Letter of the week: Vv

Math: In math we continued talking about teen numbers and searching for groups of 10 inside the bigger numbers. Using a variety of small objects, students worked with a partner to make a model of a teen number of their choice.

Writing Workshop: We continue to work on pattern books. We’re also working hard to build our skills in stretching out words and writing the sounds we hear. This is even something you could practice at home! Ask your child to say a word slowly and tell you or write for you the sounds. Our goal is initial and final sounds. Anything in between is bonus!

Up in Lights: Clay was Up in Lights this week! He introduced us to his parents and his 5 siblings. Clay’s dad shared a funny story from when Clay was little and everyone loved meeting Clay’s dog, Maizy. Clay you make us laugh every day. We love you and are so glad you’re in our class!

From the Immersion Coordinator, Jodi Pierce

How is language fluency measured? While there are multiple ways to define and explain an individual’s language fluency, one internationally recognized scale is the ACTFL Proficiency Standards. There is also an equivalent scale written for children which takes into account their developing language and cognitive abilities. Using these scales, individuals are placed at a beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced, or superior/distinguished level. For reference, someone who has completed a year or two of high school Spanish would likely place somewhere near a high beginner or low novice and the distinguished level is higher than many native speakers will achieve. At ZCS we hope to bring our students to the advanced level in speaking, reading, writing, and listening. This is an ambitious goal, but we celebrate the fact that most of our students achieve this in late middle school. If you would like to learn more about the ACFTL Proficiency scale, you can check out this website. If you click on the English tab on the left, you can scroll down to find examples of English speakers at the various levels so that you can better understand what each level of proficiency sounds like.

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