Newsletter 23: Week of March 17

Weekly Highlights

We had a great week! We started a new unit in Bible, Exploring God’s World, and Writing Workshop and continue moving forward in the other areas. It seems spring is right around the corner and, even though lately it’s meant lots of indoor recesses, we’re excited for some warmer weather!

Important Dates

March 19: Spring Elementary Program @ 6:15

A note from the music teachers: 

Our Spring Elementary Music Program is quickly approaching! Mark your calendars for Tuesday evening, March 19, at Community Reformed Church in Zeeland. Two short performances will be held: K/1/2nd grades at 6:15pm, and 3/4/5th grades at 7:15pm. Families who do not have students at both levels do not need to stay for both events as there will be transition time. More details to come!

March 20: March is Reading Day: wear stripes like Waldo!

March 27: March is Reading: Beach day *dress in bright colors or beachy clothes (no swimsuits) 🙂

March 31: Baby Izenbaard’s Due Date 🙂

Ongoing: March is reading month! We will be participating in a couple optional reading programs: Book It with Pizza Hut and the Whitecaps program. Information was sent home this past week, but please let me know if you have any questions!


Bible: We started our next unit on Parables this week! Each parable has a small activity or project that goes with it. We’re collecting the projects in a special bag so we can use them to practice retelling each story.

Literacy: We continued learning about verb conjugations. This time we focused on third person plural. In English this would be the pronoun “they.” In Spanish we say “ellos,” “ellas.” The same conjugation is used for the second person plural, “ustedes.”

  • Reading strategy: Visualizing
  • Read aloud: El Diente de Franklin
  • Vocabulary words
    • el diente (tooth)
    • la hada (fairy)
    • la almohada (pillow)
    • la dentista (dentist)
    • la moneda (coin)
  • Word wall word: este (this) yo (I)
  • Phrase of the week: Yo voy a ____. I’m going to ____.
  • Letter of the week: Yy

Math: We are working on teen numbers. Our goal is to see them as 10 and a few more. For example, 16 is 10 and 6 more. We also practiced writing numbers 18, 19, and 20.

Writing Workshop: We started our unit on Small Moments this week! We’re working hard to visualize our stories and practice telling them in the right order. A Small Moment story is of one moment in time and one place.

Exploring God’s World: This week we started our unit called, Is It Living? We searched for living things in a drawing and colored the things on the page that are living things. We learned that living things move, drink and eat, can have babies, and change and grow.

Up in Lights: Porter was Up in Lights this week! When he grows up he would like to be a police officer. His favorite sound is even the sound of the siren! He would also like to live in Mexico someday. Porter, we love you! 

From Our Immersion Director, Jodi Pierce

Where can I find resources in Spanish or Mandarin? Providing a balance of both English and target language books for your children at home can show your child how much you value their new language and encourage them to grow in it! Here are some ideas on where to find great books or resources. Howard Miller library has both Spanish and some Mandarin books. Herrick Library has large Spanish children and adult sections. You will find selections on eBay for resources in both languages. Many apps and websites have options in their settings to change the language. Have your child help you search the app store or other search engines in Spanish or Mandarin, and you will find even more options! Scholastic offers several titles in Spanish as well as most online bookstores. For Chinese books, visit China Sprout or TimesBook (be sure to order simplified Chinese text!) I’d love to hear of any other great sources for target language materials that you have found.

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