Relating in 1 Samuel 16…

Maya Van Noord

January  28,2016

                  I can relate to David in 1 Samuel 16 because serve my parents in a way.I rub their feet and shoulders,scratch their back, and do chores,but most of all honor them by being obedient,

A new

Maya Van Noord

January 8,2016

Need to be diferent

                                 My goals for this year may seem simple but are really hard.They would make me stand out from the crowd.

  My goals are this:

act cool and chill(to not get stressed,overwhelemed those things)

be joyful and helpful when & where ever

avoid temptations and anger

take on all chalanges/dares (soon you’ll have no fear)

Most importantly let yourself allow

                               God has been present through health and my parents.