My Grandparents

Maya Van Noord

November 3, 2016

My Grandparents

               My Grandmas are my hero and my grandpas are stars in my eyes.

     My Grandma is a hero, she is a cleaning lady for her job but that is not all. To me she is a creative artist, a good puzzle builder, a clean person, a incredible cook (yum!), a friend I talk to all the time, a person to lean on, someone that is there for me no matter what, someone who loves me, a person to share favorites with (like the same top favorite colors, Purple, Pink and Blue peeps!), and person who is reliable, has the fruit of the spirit and a beautiful person.Someone to look up to.

     My Grammy is a hero, she is a hard working nurse but yet again that is not all.To me she is a fun person to hang out with, a shoulder to lean on, a trustworthy secret keeper, a great artist, a brilliant cook (very delicious), a person that likes to make things, someone I like to hang out with,  a great friend, a person who I think is perfect and beautiful as well.Someone to look up too.

     My Grandpa is a star to me, he retired from his job but has a barn, garden, and man cave with some friends  and works there but he is so much more than some cow feeder and gardener to me.To me he is a silly grandparent, a cool person, a person who helps me in trouble and someone who shares beds with me, someone who lets me try and use his guns for practice, someone on my side that will bend the rules and eat some gross food for me when the parents are not looking (like cauliflower,don’t tell mom!) a person with the fruit of the spirit, a reliable person and creative. Someone too look up too.

    My Papa is a star to me.His job is at the B.L.T. trucking dispatcher  but to me he is much more than that, to me he is a  hysterical person, a person that makes stuff, a cool guy, a life saver when I am about to get in trouble, someone who thinks 3 scoops of ice cream is okay and dessert should always be first (smart guy),somebody who likes to do things with me,a person with the fruit of the spirit and a creative and reliable person. Someone to look up too.