Spring Break Plan To Do

Maya Van Noord

March 29, 2017

What I am doing on Spring Break

  • Go to Destination Imagination State Finals
  • Do some Spring Cleaning
  • Work on ‘”The 3 Musketeerettes”
  • Go to my little cousin’s Birthday Party
  • Read lots of Books!
  • Play Outside!
  • Code
  • Have fun!
  • Paint, draw…
  • Play games
  • Do a cupcake decorating class
  • Sleep in
  • Watch an opera
  • Watch movies
  • Visit family
  •  Do other fun things


Maya Van Noord

March 17, 2017


Some ways we are tempted is to misuse a computer, like chat for example. It wastes your time and you can talk face to face at recess or with permission. Teachers say not to use chat and  you still do. That is another sin, disobeying.. A computer records everything you do so don’t think you can just get away with it, people can look at your history.  Chat keeps you from getting work done and the quicker you get work done the quicker you can do free write or reading. That is fun. So don’t waste your time on chat. You can also be tempted to take another sweet when you were told only one or you lost a snack privilege. That is temptation. Don’t do it!, Like Jesus say bible verses or pray to God, or just say “God, help me to get out of this situation” and he will help you . Another temptation is gossiping., “She likes him” or “I heard he is getting braces”. Those are simple gossips we say a lot. If it is  does not encouraging than do not say it, not even if they won’t care. Gossiping is a sin, and gossiping tears people down, it feels like it builds you up but it tears people down and it is not the right thing to do. Another example of temptation is to tell secrets like “I know what is wrong, her parents are getting a divorce”, It feels good to have that moment of glory but it is one moment and what a price to pay when your friend avoids you for telling her secret and people will call you a blabber mouth and won’t tell you anymore secrets. What a price.! Don’t follow temptation, it only gets you into trouble, and can waste time.