How can I Bring Others to Christ

Maya Van Noord

April 17, 2017

How Can I Bring others to Christ

In Words;

           I can tell others about Christ;    tell his stories, tell his love, tell his salvation. You can do this anywhere, at school, at a restaurant, on the bus or in the car, at church, at yours or another house, anywhere, Jesus likes to talk to you

You can invite others to church events like church dinner, Gems or Cadets (depending on Gender), Middle School ministries (when you are old enough), regular church, Sunday school, or special events like “Stations of the Cross” or a Christmas event or no occasion at all! That is how they can learn about God.

In Actions; Have Christ like behavior, good behavior, be joyful, write encouraging notes,  doing good deeds for others,  helping people. For example; helping with a sport, school subject or anything else. It honors God.