Maya Van Noord

February 24, 2017

A Refugee

                                   If I were a refugee I would be terrified, I would not know where to go or what to do. I would  be sad too, leaving family and friends and all I owned and loved. I would also be so upset for having to leave my home. I know only know a bit of Chinese, and Italian and and French and Vietnamese. But I do know tons of Spanish! I think where ever I went I would still be devastated. I do know one word of all the almost all the other languages, sadly it is not Help but it is hello. Very useful, not!! I would need to know where everything is and how to live in that country.  I  would be upset for no matter what reason I was leaving my country for.

                     Jesus being a refugee makes me feel better though. When he was a baby! He went through lots of tough trials and hardships but that is just incredible, for us! I don’t think I would live if I was a refugee. But since I know that Jesus had been through it I would call on him and know that he would be with me and guide me with every step I take. I appreciate that he went through this  because that is him humbling himself and showing how much he loves us even more!  He is so humble and loving that he does this all for us which makes me love him even more. It makes me feel closer  to him knowing what he does for us. And Jesus a refugee as a baby here, he could not even walk! So let alone flee from Herod who was killing all baby boys two and under. It is one thing to flee as an adult a child at least can run but really? A baby? That just shows how miraculous God is and his wonderful plan to save us all from our sins. He risked his life for us and could have killed himself like that.

The Magi

Maya Van Noord

February 17,2017

The Magi

Jonah: How long have we been traveling, it feels like forever. I regret wanting to go on this “Jesus” trip.

Katie: It is not as bad as you think, we might see royalty or fame!

Father: Keep it down you little pipsqueaks!

Both children: Sorry dad.

Brittany: Yayayayayayayayaya

Jonah:I know you are  a baby, but I dislike how your only word is yay.

Katie picks her up.

Katie: We have been traveling for 42 days and these perfumes are getting heavy, I want to eat.

Jonah: I am too.

Laura: hugy hugy!

Father: Shut up, or you will never eat!

Jonah whispers: He treats us like his slaves.

Katie: Uh, Jonah. We are. We just call him father to pretend he is family.

Jonah: Wait what!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh yeah, right

Father: You two are such-

(Trumpet plays)

Father: I got to go in there to tell herod about the new king!

Jonah: Lets run!!!!

(Jonah races off while father and Katie speed walk)

Herod: What! So you are telling me that there is another king here in Jerusalem! I want to ki- actually (smirking) bring me this king so I can worship him, maybe even throw a party for him, my party sources are unlimited at the palace!

Jonah whispers:  This dude is weird, but I don’t mind him as long as I keep getting all this delicious food!

Katie: Tell me about it!

Laura (pointing to herod): coo coo coo coo coo coo!

Jonah (blushing): Sorry about our little sister.

Father: We must be going.

Katie: Aw man.

Laura gives a thumbs down.

Father: Now munchkins!!!!

Katie: Thanks for the autograph! Bye.

The End!!!!!!

Or is it?

The Horse and His Boy

Maya Van Noord

February 3, 2017

What are Some Christian themes in the Horse and His Boy?

                                              Aslan is like Jesus, he is on earth and started as a cub.  Aslan gave Rabadash grace and many chances before he turned him into a donkey, and there is a talking donkey in the bible. In The lion, the witch and the wardrobe Aslan died on a stone table- Jesus died and was put in a stone tomb. It also mentions “Sons of Adam” or “Daughters of Eve” and those people are in the bible. Pride leads to down fall because Rabadash . Punishment is real. Aslan punished Rabadash when he gave many warnings and Rabadash went on with yelling and doing bad things. Then he made punishment real and turned him into a donkey. Aslan said that he could turn back into a human at the temple but may not go ten miles or go to war or he will turn into a donkey for good. So his reign was very peaceful and quiet, I bet you can imagine why! Pride leads to downfall, Rabadash was prideful and jumped down to attack

                                        Shasta is a very selfless boy. He jumped off Bree (who was running away from the lion, I thought he said he was a war horse!) to save Aravis who is getting wounded by the lion. Ouch!!! And he fought off the lion alone! I am impressed.Humbled will be lifted, well Shasta was very humble, and he turned out to be a prince- future king prince!  I will say that he was super humble, read the book and you will agree with me.

Jesus’ Mystery

Maya Van Noord

January 30, 2017

Jesus Mystery

                                  Everyone knows the story of Jesus’ birth, death… you know it but you still do the story in class every year. But there is always questions, why did Jesus come to earth as a baby? Did Jesus use the gold from the wise men? When was the exact day of Jesus birth? Okay, I don’t know the answer nor anyone else living now. But I can give you some ideas on the first question. To make it fully human-experience what we do, be the same looks like us, or at least, same creature. It was part of his plan though, obviously. He humbled himself b going from king and no sin to baby in sinful world. It might be God’s style because he did not go through an earthquake, or a fire but he came in a small whisper. But I believe he came mostly to save those who repent for their sins and believe in christ.

My Legacy

Maya Van Noord

January 26, 2017

My Legacy

                                                      When I am gone I want to have a great legacy. I want my legacy to be  to change the world. I want to save all animal- how will I do this? Truth is, I have no idea. But it might be kind of like this, I could go and tell people how to make home made birdhouses out of a tin can- I am right now! I will share with builders that  a rainforest is chopped down every twenty seconds, awful right? Step by step I will change the world. Right now I am working on learning about nature-and other things that might come in handy someday like mathematics. I am also writing a letter to the Mayor right now. I will go around the world from China to Madagascar to see a red panda and tenrecs and lemurs-

especially a mouse lemur They are adorable right?

Well I pledged my case.

I will change animal history people!!!!

Maya is out!!!!!!

Martin Luther King Junior

Maya Van Noord

January 19, 2016

Martin Luther King Jr.

Martin Luther King Jr. was a kid like all of you once. He went to school, drank, ate and did everything everyone does. But one day he realized that it was unfair that black had different bathrooms, schools, seats on a bus and even different drinking fountains! It was crazy! Plus it costed way more money so he decided to change things. He and other blacks stopped using the bus until they could choose where to sit. Martin Luther had started that. Or they would stand on the bus and not move until they could choose where to sit. It sounds stubborn but they made a point. Bus drivers lost their jobs because of this. Martin Luther dreamed of equality in the world. He made the “I Have a Dream” speech and made equality. He won a Nobel Peace Prize and made even more speeches on top of  his “I Have a Dream” speech was most popular but one day he was shot and killed but he will always be remembered on his special day and changed lives.

My Grandparents

Maya Van Noord

November 3, 2016

My Grandparents

               My Grandmas are my hero and my grandpas are stars in my eyes.

     My Grandma is a hero, she is a cleaning lady for her job but that is not all. To me she is a creative artist, a good puzzle builder, a clean person, a incredible cook (yum!), a friend I talk to all the time, a person to lean on, someone that is there for me no matter what, someone who loves me, a person to share favorites with (like the same top favorite colors, Purple, Pink and Blue peeps!), and person who is reliable, has the fruit of the spirit and a beautiful person.Someone to look up to.

     My Grammy is a hero, she is a hard working nurse but yet again that is not all.To me she is a fun person to hang out with, a shoulder to lean on, a trustworthy secret keeper, a great artist, a brilliant cook (very delicious), a person that likes to make things, someone I like to hang out with,  a great friend, a person who I think is perfect and beautiful as well.Someone to look up too.

     My Grandpa is a star to me, he retired from his job but has a barn, garden, and man cave with some friends  and works there but he is so much more than some cow feeder and gardener to me.To me he is a silly grandparent, a cool person, a person who helps me in trouble and someone who shares beds with me, someone who lets me try and use his guns for practice, someone on my side that will bend the rules and eat some gross food for me when the parents are not looking (like cauliflower,don’t tell mom!) a person with the fruit of the spirit, a reliable person and creative. Someone too look up too.

    My Papa is a star to me.His job is at the B.L.T. trucking dispatcher  but to me he is much more than that, to me he is a  hysterical person, a person that makes stuff, a cool guy, a life saver when I am about to get in trouble, someone who thinks 3 scoops of ice cream is okay and dessert should always be first (smart guy),somebody who likes to do things with me,a person with the fruit of the spirit and a creative and reliable person. Someone to look up too.

The Earth’s Caretakers

Maya Van Noord

September 12, 2016


             Peter and Lily were out on a evening walk when suddenly,crash,clunk!Somebody dropped  litter on the street from their car.

“Eeew!Gross!”Peter cried.”That is disgusting.Why do people litter anyways?It is bad for the environment.”
“I think it is because it is hard not to litter.”Lily replied.”We can recycle and pick up their litter to take care of the earth but we can not change them or what they do.”

As the two were picking up they saw animals and their homes.They learned in school not to feed animals or disterb themso they did not mind at all.

The Field Trip to John Ball Zoo

Maya Van Noord

May 18, 2016

John Ball Zoo

   If I could  be any animal from John Ball Zoo I would the adorable black footed cat because cats do what ever they want and so much attention from being in a zoo, people just go up to the glass and admire you.Cats are super flexible,love challenging obstacle courses,are acrobatic,adventures,curious,and get in trouble sometimes but cute are ways out of it.We both have those same characteristics but I talk my way out of things instead of being adorable to get out of it.They eat fish,chicken and treats,I like those things too (when I was little me and Owen ate cat food from our cat’s dish and water from his bowl,when  we were hungry and thirsty ,the food did taste okay).