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This week we went bowling during part of school. We all got assigned our lanes and the people we were bowling with. I was assigned to bowl with 4 of my friends. We got to play 2 games so we started our first game and as soon as it was my turn I threw the ball down the alley and watched it curve to the gutters, 0 points. The game went on and eventually I got about 2 strikes and a whole lot more gutters. The game finished and Elise won!!! We started the next game and decided to do funny so when it was my turn I asked all my friends to do a bridge. They all stood in front of the lane and spread their feet apart. Before I could throw the ball a lot more people ran in front of the lane and The ball passed underneath all of them, and went into the gutters but we didn’t care. Once we were done we headed back to school and went home.

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