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Math How To Use It In Real Life


In lesson 1-4 you learn how to add and subtract unlike denominators. This can be used in real life in many ways, for example if you are at the store and buying food by the pound and other foods by the half pound you can know how much you will need to pay. Also if you are baking, this lesson can be very important, like if you wanted to combine recipes you would need to know what 2/3 + 3/4 is. Also, if you are a hiker and you want to hike a full trail that is 3 and 1/2 miles long, you could say that since u know that you have done 1 and 3/4 miles already that you know how much more you have to go still. This is very useful in the real world since a lot of real life “things” use fractions and need to be used in addition or subtraction.

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